Former MTV/BET Producer Exposes The Music & TV Industry: Shocking Confessions (Full Video)

That Boondocks episode so close to the truth it makes you wonder if Aaron McGruder or someone who worked on the showed were in those meetings. This brother knows he had a hand in poisoning a race forget the Hip Hop culture, BET has destroyed the minds of a race of people while “entertaining” them. I’ve been saying BET was the non Black owned corner store with high prices and out of date shit. You roll with it because it’s in your area and your people deal with them whether right or wrong. BET is all Black people think they have and even TV One and VH1 Soul and Centric trying to give something different they feed you the same shit as BET because it gathers viewers. Something has to give and even seeing will not turn people from what they know and see as the only place for them

2015 – NWA Reunion FULL

A reunion is long overdue when speaking on N.W.A, even before the passing of Eazy E there was some rumors the group might settle differences and come together. Now with the Straight Outta Compton movie about to hit the streets N.W.A rocked in LA. So did Dre, Ren and Cube not rock together during the Up In Smoke tour? I just saw this footage on youtube the other night.

Justice In Cincinnati

I think he lost his temper because Mr. DuBose wouldn’t get out of the car. I think he lost his temper and when you see this [bodycam video] you will not believe how quickly he pulls his gun and shoots him in the head. It’s maybe a second. It’s incredible, and so senseless, and again, I feel so sorry for his family and I feel sorry for the community. This should not happen, ever.

– Joe Deters

Yesterday the 29th of July something extraordinary happened, prosecutors actually are going after a cop who killed a Black man. All the local channels shit down waiting to see how things would play out. In typical fashion for news program s they spent a good portion of the time reporting how the city was preparing for the worst. The thought of Ray Tensing being convicted must’ve been the furthest thing from the minds of those in charge of the local news. All three channels were talking about riots and so focused on the negative side of how things could get out of hand, that all we saw before Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters say Tensing would be convicted.

Unlike other cities and particularly what happened to Sandra Bland officer Tensing was wearing a chest cam and that made things more clear as to what happened on July 19th. The family of Sam DuBose had been requesting the footage be released since the news broke about DuBose being shot in head. Personally I’m not sold on flat out doing the right thing and even with the footage being out there. Some people still somehow feel DuBose being shot was his fault. Many feel Tensing wasn’t even a real police officer since he was a campus cop. That truth to me makes it easy to convict Tensing. Either way something has happened that so far looks as like  justice for the murder of DuBose. Who knows how things will go during the trail since Tensing will plead not guilty, the jury could feel for Tensing and to be honest if I was him I’d place my bets on a jury.

Brother Gonna Work It Out

My girlfriend loves calling me pregnant and even playing with my gut and it really has never been anything to feel ashamed about as for as I’m concerned. We both have started working out here and there talked about dieting just to toss all that to side once we went out somewhere to some kinda event. From there we were back to where we started. During our vacation we went back to where I’m from and met family. Everyone l saw said the something which was how I’ve gotten fat. Again not taking it as a bad thing but at this point in my life I rather be somewhat fit and healthy. Starting in August I’ll be working out, I’m not joining some fitness center or anything like that, just do what I do at home. Me and my girl will have a bet with who knows what’s on the line, it’ll be fun… To win.

This Could Be Why Cait Gets Hate

Let’s get two things straight. One, no one really cared about Bruce becoming Cait, yes there were jokes and memes but everyone gets joked on these days. Two, people knew there were other people who deserved that Arthur Ashe Courage Award more than Cait. The fact ESPN said there was no list of people and Cait was the only choice is where the hate came from. Last night we all saw the end game, I Am Cait commercial followed her acceptance speech without missing a beat, I thought it was still part of The ESPYs. There lies the reason for the hate. Bruce Jenner, and I’m calling her Bruce no matter what, it’s the barbershop scene in Coming To America theory, admits to never trying to met other transgender people. That comment in the montage alone made watching her name drop those who have died or been hurt feel less authentic and came off like a politician on the campaign trail. ESPN, ABC and E! all came together to push I Am Cait, not transgender awareness like the commercial before her acceptance speech would suggest. ESPN knew she was going to be at the ESPYs somehow someway. Why not capitalize on some Kardashian fame. ESPN was lucky Jenner was an athlete, a fact that the average fan of the show and family didn’t know or may have forgotten about. The truth is if Jenner wasn’t part of the family or Kim didn’t have a sextape no one would have known, no paparazzi would have been outside the hospital when Jenner was getting work done. Her life would have been obscure until HBO Real Sports or 60 Minutes would have gotten wind of her and done a quick little story catching the world up on the transformation. There would be no show, magazine covers, possible make ads or awards, people would see the episode or hear about it, be shocked on move on. People want to try to tie the hate for a family filled with attention whores and what Jenner has done with her life. It’s not true. People seen where it was all heading once ESPN said she was getting an award you knew it was a tie-in to her show. Jenner isn’t the first semi famous person to change genders, her popularity is not about awareness, it’s exploitation, a new angle to explore within the Kardashian brand.

Jeb Was Supposed To Be The Smart Bush

“people should work longer hours”

– Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush made himself look completely out of touch with the common American after that comment. After that comment Bush then tried to expand on the comment to put things in context. The problem is Bush still looks out of place because jobs aren’t just giving full time work out to employees, some jobs have cut back their hours over the years. So even if people were willing to work more than forty hours the place of employment will not allow them to. This all goes back to not blaming the employees but challenge the employers. The wage debate will always be there, if you shift the focus to hours, guaranteed forty hours you may be able to downplay the not wanting to go the living wage route. Even then it all comes to down to pay. There are people in households where two or more people work full time jobs and making ends meet still are a major task. Some people work a full time and part time job and barley stay afloat. Even good paying jobs are quick to cut hours because the pay is so good, all of that evens things out. The part time hours and high pay balances out things for a decent paying job and full time hours. If what Jeb said is the thinking within The GOP the party is in trouble.

Did R. Kelly Forget About The Winter Of 2002

“Bill Cosby is a Pervert That Belongs in Jail”  “I know a rapist when I see it” 

– R. Kelly

Wow! I can’t believe R. Kelly fired shots at Bill Cosby. It makes you wonder is he throwing shot because unlike Robert Kelly Bill Cosby finally told the truth about his crime or is Robert grand standing because his new fan base has no idea of his underage sex and golden shower tape that almost costs him his freedom and his old ones chalked it up to crazy celeb shit? Bill Cosby won’t be jumping out to ask if anyone will give him a in a song, or even jump in a movie to try and get people back on his side. He definitely couldn’t have held off on court until people forgot and his victims became adults. If you google “R. Kelly sex” right now you can still read all of his 2002 dirt. If anything time has been extremely good R. Kelly so much so that even he has forgotten all about his sex crime. I know he like many other people would say he was found not guilty but people also know that was him in the tape, it’s the OJ trail scenario. If R. Kelly had found him self out there today having sex and pissing on underage girls there would be more than his personal cameras that in fact was R. Kelly. R Kelly would be held as a sex offender, words you will not find attached to any reports from 2002 because that title wasn’t just tossed around lightly as it is now. Bill Cosby drugged women and raped them, R Kelly had sex with underage star struck females, both by the definition of law are rapists. Someone should remind R Kelly that he too is a sex predator and people forgive with time, for some a good album makes them forgive and forget faster.