Kim Kardashian Firing Shots At The President

Kim Kardashian is blasting President Obama for not using the word genocide instead of massacre when speaking on what happened to Armenians in 1915 . That’s sounds cool on the surface, someone having pride for their people and wanting to get the word out about the history of their people. People do this all the time, it’s help people become more aware of other people and cultures. The Problem is it looks like Kim has just now found her Armenian pride and one has to wonder is this the new topic of discussion genuine pride or something for her show? There’s no more crackhead former NBA stars, or relationship status changes, she’s already had her baby, step dad, is now step mom. Where else can Kim Kardashian go? The Instagram pictures and the grand standing on her soap box screams attention whore. I think this is news more so because people didn’t think she gave a damn about her peoples history and to be honest it is a welcomed new look for Kim. She has been in the media spotlight since 2003 when her and Brandy’s brother made a sextape and now twelve years later you take a trip and take a stand, it sounds like the ingredients for a new season more than an awakening. The news media is loving it because you’re mixing tabloid reality star drama with politics. President Obama has been the only other person getting as much attention as Kim Kardashian, why not have these two in some war of words. Kanye will jump in and make a song and once the new President comes in office everything will be what it once was, Kim and the family taking trip and E! turns into a fun hour long episode and politicians will go at it about problems neither side really wants to fix. If Kim Kardashian is really dedicating herself to inform people about Armenian history, not just the genocide, salute. I personally think this is just a publicity stunt.

BET Is Doing A Black Version Of Punk’d Instead Of Something Original

BET at this point to me is like the Republican party or that person around the way you watch and listen to and shake your head at all the time. Instead of tapping into the well that ABC has with Shonda Rhimes and pulling people from her writing staff on any of the shows she has going on and coming up with something fresh of their own BET wants to urbanize Punk’d. They rebroadcast Scandal like Hulu, which you know has to cost a pretty penny being that it’s the new episodes as if people with basic cable aren’t get ABC, so there is money somewhere over at BET. I had an issue with BET a few years back doing knock off shows of stuff that was hot elsewhere. For some strange reason the creative minds over at BET are content with giving poor programming to their audience. Not sure who is at fault, BET or those who watch BET.

When time isn’t on your side


November 1, 1964 – January 23, 2015

You know those times when you stop and think about that person you were tight with and then had a falling out with and wonder what they’re up to and try to connect with them to move past the beef? Yes. I was in that mood last night after doing a Guru tribute mix I was hitting Facebook up to see if a homie had an account. He didn’t so I then went the Google route. I saw an obituary with the name of the person I was looking for and thought nothing of it until I saw the place of birth and place of death. On January 23rd a one time close friend died and it was more than a shock to me because I was thinking to maybe go home a day or two in the summer and build with family check in on my peoples around the way. I should have reached out before, years ago but never did it. Death makes you realize that tomorrow ins’t promised and sometimes you you have to let go of bad blood and reconnect with those you were once close to. I honestly always thought I’d get the call about family before close friends, mainly because of social media where you know what’s going on in their lives even if it’s a front, you know they’re doing something when you see the selfies and memes.

My and my mans had one of those creative differences moments. I was on one vibe and he was about being a step or two away from a nice payday. I was all about my creative freedom and my group so I walked away from the plans he had as well as our friendship. I was never about paper chasing and maybe because he was closer to his sources he saw something I didn’t, I just was about not shifting gears for radio play. If I did say anything negative about him that really was it, He was willing to curb his vision for that chance. He was a real dude, told yopu where he stood on topics, always had his peoples back even when they were fucking up, He loved his daughter, always was in grind mode, he put that battery in my back to do me and go out here and be my own boss for a short time. The whole time I was thinking he was doing big things and too busy for shit like Facebook since his name never came up. No one I know back home knew his number or really saw on the street since Newport News was going under heavy changes and most people moved to Hampton or out of the 757 all together. Not knowing what was the cause of death I can only hope it wasn’t something that cause him much pain or some senseless violent act he got caught up in directly or indirectly. They say time heals old wounds, as we get older we either have to heal faster or measure the friendship to the issue. You have to be the bigger man and reach out first and early because you never what tomorrow holds. Would have loved to build with him and exchanged stories collected during the time we weren’t talking. R.I.P to the big homie James Arnaz Littlejohn, wish we could have squashed senseless beef.

Mayweather Better Than Ali?

Maybe to truly sell the fight with some hype Mayweater thought it was fine to say he was better than Muhammad Ali. Even if Mayweather personally thinks that it shows a lack of Boxing knowledge. What made Ali the man outside of his personality, which by the way every one in boxing loves to emulate, it was he fought other great fighters. The heavyweight field was crowded with above average and great fighters back then and Muhammad Ali stood as the number one guy in the field. Mayweather isn’t Ali, he isn’t Tyson, he isn’t even Roy Jones Jr. who for awhile really had no competition in his weight class when Roy Jones was really at his peak. Manny Pacquiao should have been Mayweather’s Frazier or Duran but there were reasons to not fight until now. No one cares about losses and holds worthy victories up high when you’re a legend and truth be told that debate only starts once you’re out of the game. Ali fought Liston and Foreman and many true threats between to the two men. Mayweather could be Sugar Ray Robinson and Leonard, Tyson or Oscar, names known to everyone and considered great fighters. He could fall into the Sugar Shane, Trinidad, Holmes lane. Right now Floyd Mayweather has been the hottest ticket because there isn’t anyone else to focus on. Outside of Mayweather and Pacquiao the name recognition of other fighters in any weight class dwindles. Maybe it’s ego maybe it’s some sense of misjudgment Mayweather thinks he gets and he feels he has done some of the same things as Ali. It could be him matching his record with Ali at his age comparing records and feels he should be spoken on in the same breath as Ali because he undeated. As great as Mayweather is I never gave him credit because he has never had that major fight, Tyson was in the same boat and oddly enough the shock of him losing humanized Tyson. It’s natural to want undefeated champs to taste defeat. When you’re too good the hate comes and maybe that’s what is bugging Mayweather , Ali is beloved globally. Again he needs to do his history, Ali was hated for years and only after parkinson was it cool for everyone to like Muhammad Ali. Ali is great because of who was and the fights polarized memorable times in American history. Ali not going to war gained him global love, Mayweather is about Mayweather. That’s not a bad thing because most people are these days, there’s no Jim Brown out there somewhere. Mayweather is the great one for this generation, a generation that really doesn’t hold Boxing in the same regard. It’s the purist that will rank Mayweather and right now I don’t think he is top shelf yet.

Kansas Wants Control How Welfare Recipients Spend Their Money

Gov. Sam Brownback is set to sign House Bill 2258 sometime this week. That bill is nothing more than control budgeting and spending for those on welfare. I personally have nothing against the premise of saying those needing government assistance shouldn’t be out trying to live it up as if the money they’re spending is from their own earned income. I agree that people on welfare shouldn’t be out getting nails and hair done, going on family trips out of town on the governments dime but movie nights seem to be over doing it. To tell people how to spend the money that is given to them sounds ridiculous but then comes the human reaction. If I give someone in need some money to help them get by and they go out to the club or they buy Jordans or something you feel like they abused your generosity. True people can spend the money given to them however they want but now there will be restrictions.

Just from being out and about I can see how monitoring people wasn’t a hard sell to legislation once someone thought this idea up. We as citizens get informed when politicians funds for trips and just about anything not government related, how are we willing to dismiss those on welfare abusing government funds. In Missouri Republicans are looking to ban steak and seafood purchases from food stamp recipients. I do agree there should be some limits on food purchases too, steak and seafood isn’t the problem. Snack or junk food is the problem, obesity can easily be linked to economics, poor people have poor eating habits. Why not limited the snack food purchases, encourage more Fruit and Vegetable purchases? I know it will never happen but even strike a deal with organic food stores to accept EBT if they don’t already to help those on food stamp eat healthy. If you’re willing to ban steaks and seafood because you feel someone is “living it up” off of the government why not ensure they eat healthy. While putting a hold on theme parks, tattoo and nail places encourage gym memberships? The money spent on hair, nails and a few tattoos could go towards a gym membership easy. If government is sticking their noses in business of people and trying to control what they can and can’t do with the money point them to being healthy. Of course that will not be the case. What will be the case is government going old school and doing house check ins again. If you’re up in arms about food and personal spending you’d have to want to make sure they really need the money. Kansas is opening that door and to be honest if that is what it takes to make people feel they need to get off of welfare and get a job, I’m all for it.