Immigrants Will Not Destroy The GOP, What They Stand For Will

Pat Buchanan, the great pessimist, believes that the generations to come from immigrants, meaning diversity, will be the end of The Grand Old Party. What he fails to see is that the average person is conservative at heart. It’s the work hard and be independent mind set that may keep people of color in the party to begin with. No one thinks government handouts are good, to have a fair and balanced pay scale to live is something you’d think everyone is for. Where the Republicans mess up at is the continuation of white washing the party by playing on racism and by pandering to that closed minded factions. Republicans are open about their racism and have been since Obama took office, those immigrants of color who outnumber white or what is considered white immigrants will and have seen that as a target on them as well as African Americans. If the last two Presidential elections haven’t taught them anything one would thing third times the charm next year. It seems the more middle ground Republicans are now going further right to please the base which doesn’t connect with the country as a whole, and looking to have people of color and women saying those same extreme right views do not make them the message more mainstream.

I get the gay thing, some Americans are still against that. I get abortion and welfare. I get being tough on Immigration. It’s the flat out racism I get lost on as well as the need to not want to raise the federal minimum wage or address why school are being closed and prisons are being built. The second and third generation immigrants will have a better understanding of US politics and grasp the code words and see past the smoke screen and that will sway their parents and grandparents votes. The country is becoming a diverse place and the more The Grand Old Party tries to keep it old money country club white and convince the working class and poor white people they have nothing in common with working class and poor people of color the party will dwindle sooner than later. People look to support themselves and their family and hope their children will benefit. Watching politicians from The GOP whore themselves out to billionaries and closed minded Christians doesn’t appeal to everyone. The GOP has to cut the strings of their puppet masters and truly rely on the people who vote. If they find that even ground where it’s not over extreme they can easily get undecided voters as well as a few Democratic voters. To say immigration will kill The GOP and not look at what the party has become is sad. Maybe one of the Republican candidates will step up during the primaries and appeal to those in the middle and that will spread throughout the party and change things. If not the party will see a Democrat in the White House for another four to eight years.

NBA Spoiler Alert The Cavs Win It All

Now that both game ones are over it’s official, Cleveland will win it all. The Hawks are no match at all for Cleveland and watching them against the Wizards I wondered how they were the best team in the Eastern Conference this year. On the West I know the two best players of the year are playing but I still can’t see Houston or Golden State beating Cleveland. You will have to beat Cleveland, no close games are allowed, things get all kabuki in close games. There isn’t any excitement about The Hawks or whoever comes out the west. If any one of the three teams beat Cleveland it will be an upset but I don’t see that happening at all. I would love to see a great NBA Finials but I know that isn’t happening so there isn’t any reason to continue to watch the games. I’ll wait for the next day and watch ESPN tell me how great LeBron he is.

RSIEH: J Cole: Wet Dreamz

While still in the long drawn out process of writing why J Cole and Kendrick Lamar are the voice of this generation. I went back and listened to 2014 Forest Hills Drive and can honestly say most of the album is the realest shit I have ever heard and one song that really touched home in a humorous way was “Wet Dreamz”. The set up to the conclusion is flawless, to remember that day and the time leading to that first day was captured in the song. Not one point was the song disrespectful to the female and honest. the lyrics are the things you’d say to your boys on the humble or to a boy who may be nervous about his first time. The album is hot but “wet Dreamz” has such a different tone all around that still fits in the over all theme of the album. Glad to see there is a video for this, not sure if the song is a single or not because I hate radio.

Cole world
Cole world
Let me take y’all back man
As I do so well

Wasn’t nothin’ like that
Man, it wasn’t nothin’ like that first time
She was in my math class
Long hair, brown skin with the fat ass
Sat beside me, used to laugh at mad jokes
The teacher always got mad so we passed notes
It started off so innocent
She had a vibe and a nigga started diggin’ it
I was a youngen’ straight crushin’ tryna play this shit cool
But a nigga couldn’t wait to get to school
Cause when I seen ’em thighs on her and them hips on her and them lips on her
Got me daydreaming, man what
I’m thinkin’ how she ride on it, if she sits on it, if she licks on it
It make it hard for me to stand up
As time goes by, attractions getting deeper and deeper
Wet dreaming thinkin’ that I’m smashin’ but I’m sleepin’
I want it bad, and I ain’t never been obsessed before
She wrote a note that said “have you ever had sex before”

And I ain’t never did this before no
And I ain’t never did this before no
And I ain’t never did this before no
And I ain’t never did this before no
And I ain’t never did this before no
And I ain’t never did this before no
And I ain’t never did this before no
And I ain’t never did this before no

I wrote back and said “of course I had sex before”
Knowing I was frontin’
I said I was like a pro baby
Knowing I was stuntin’
But if I told the truth I knew I’d get played out son
Hadn’t been in pussy since the day I came out one
But, she don’t know what
So she done roll back and told me
“Oh you a pro homie? Well I want you to show me
My mama gone for the weekend
So Saturday baby we can get to freakin'”
That’s when my heart start racing and my body start sweatin’
Baby you done woke my lil’ man up
I’m thinkin’ how that body look naked when playing on the bed
Teacher please don’t make me stand up
I wrote back like “Yeah baby sound like a plan”
Still trying to play it cool, sound like the man
But I was scared to death my nigga, my stomach turned
Talking damn shit knowing damn well I was a virgin

And I ain’t never did this before no, I ain’t never did this before no, I ain’t never did this before no.

You know that feelin’ when you you finna bone for the first time
I’m hoping that she won’t notice it’s my first time
I’m hoping that my shit is big enough to fuck with
And most of all I’m hoping God don’t make me bust quick
I’m watching pornos to see just how to stroke right
Practice putting condoms on, how it go right
I’m in a crib now a nigga palm sweatin’
With a pocket full of rubbers and an erection
That’s when my hands start touching and her face start blushing
And a nigga roll over on top
And then she get my pants unbuckled and her hands start rubbing
No me, ooh girl don’t stop
It’s time for action
Pull out the condoms real smooth, yeah just how I practice
But right before I put it in, she flinched and grabbed it and said
“I wanna get something off my mental
I can tell you a pro, but baby be gentle”

And I ain’t never did this before no, and I ain’t never did this before no, I ain’t never did this before no

The Combat Jack Show: The Red Alert Episode

Combat Jack is continuing to bring historical context and content for the culture via those who really were there in the beginning. This episode has the legendary Kool DJ Red Alert speaking on his introduction to Djing and how got down with The Zulu Nation. He also speaks on his rating wars with the great Mr. Magic as well as rocking with The Jungle Brothers. Another great episode.

Kim Kardashian Firing Shots At The President

Kim Kardashian is blasting President Obama for not using the word genocide instead of massacre when speaking on what happened to Armenians in 1915 . That’s sounds cool on the surface, someone having pride for their people and wanting to get the word out about the history of their people. People do this all the time, it’s help people become more aware of other people and cultures. The Problem is it looks like Kim has just now found her Armenian pride and one has to wonder is this the new topic of discussion genuine pride or something for her show? There’s no more crackhead former NBA stars, or relationship status changes, she’s already had her baby, step dad, is now step mom. Where else can Kim Kardashian go? The Instagram pictures and the grand standing on her soap box screams attention whore. I think this is news more so because people didn’t think she gave a damn about her peoples history and to be honest it is a welcomed new look for Kim. She has been in the media spotlight since 2003 when her and Brandy’s brother made a sextape and now twelve years later you take a trip and take a stand, it sounds like the ingredients for a new season more than an awakening. The news media is loving it because you’re mixing tabloid reality star drama with politics. President Obama has been the only other person getting as much attention as Kim Kardashian, why not have these two in some war of words. Kanye will jump in and make a song and once the new President comes in office everything will be what it once was, Kim and the family taking trip and E! turns into a fun hour long episode and politicians will go at it about problems neither side really wants to fix. If Kim Kardashian is really dedicating herself to inform people about Armenian history, not just the genocide, salute. I personally think this is just a publicity stunt.

BET Is Doing A Black Version Of Punk’d Instead Of Something Original

BET at this point to me is like the Republican party or that person around the way you watch and listen to and shake your head at all the time. Instead of tapping into the well that ABC has with Shonda Rhimes and pulling people from her writing staff on any of the shows she has going on and coming up with something fresh of their own BET wants to urbanize Punk’d. They rebroadcast Scandal like Hulu, which you know has to cost a pretty penny being that it’s the new episodes as if people with basic cable aren’t get ABC, so there is money somewhere over at BET. I had an issue with BET a few years back doing knock off shows of stuff that was hot elsewhere. For some strange reason the creative minds over at BET are content with giving poor programming to their audience. Not sure who is at fault, BET or those who watch BET.