Get rich or die before going broke

I’m starting to wonder does the news media get how arrogant they make these suicide people look. I don’t know if they feel we should sympathize with their pain and families’ grief, or take notes and look at our own lives? One thing I’m taking from it is these people who have killed themselves because they lost their jobs or home or would have had to restructure their living arrangement due cut backs at their jobs are….. Selfish ass jerks! That’s it really, nothing more or less can be thought of them. Have we as a country become so soft that setbacks result in suicide? No because if that was so every victim of natural disasters in America that lost homes, precious memorabilia, and love ones in those disasters would have had to be added to the those death tolls. Those people moved on and have and are still trying to get their lives back together. So how is it we should feel saddened by these idiots who couldn’t see their lives starting over? 

 When you think about it we should be like those survivors, we should be thankful to be alive and make the best of it and hope for even better. Come to think of it we should really learn from former NFL stars. Not the guys who got tv gigs on some level or who own bars or coach on some level. No we should learn from the guys who wear costumes to sell cars in their local area, the guy telling you the local eatery is the best in the area and the selling aluminum siding. You know the other receiver to Jerry Rice and Michael Irving, the good players on terrible teams.  The guys who made it to pro bowls and even have a ring or three, the guys who two to three generations up won’t be recognized at all by the average Joe only the true fan. Sure they are hurt that this is it for them but their alive. We’re talking former millionaires who would be on the television once a week for a football season. Traveling the country and the world on the off season, groupies, being treated like a real star at clubs and restaurants. And these fools who have killed themselves won’t even be mentioned in the memoriam segment on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos. The obituary column will be overshadowed and deemed meaningless as you realize that’s them on the cover, the guy/chick who killed herself because they couldn’t start over.

 It’s always these people that the media tries to some how over hype what they did as a career. I mean was there a big pension and 41k suicide thing when airlines and other jobs cut people out of their money? People fired at auto plants commit suicide so we came up with a cool catch phrase for those who killed themselves after working for the big three. No we see them in the news pissed off and forced to regroup and move on. How bad is it to budget and cut back, live in a smaller home, work a less paying job? Or is it the fact some people they knew were still doing good and to fall off and be in a bad way was just going to lose them friends in that community? Do we blame society because they praise the money making, suburb living, SUV driving individuals while making those of a lesser income bracket seem useless? I don’t know and don’t care, that should be the point the media gets. We don’t care… We still have to get by and live our lives, and if someone isn’t strong enough to carry on through these hard times then they shouldn’t even be talked about when they kill themselves. We shouldn’t acknowledge those who throw in the towel.


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