Jay Dilla Stays Paid


I got the new Dilla joint and can’t front, I been rocking it since I got it. I’m not some dick rider of the guy’s last 6 yrs but I’ve been down with his sound since I bought the “It’s A Party” single by Busta.

It’s crazy cause I say to everyone that I bought the single to get “Ill Vibe” the acapella and put the line “My rhymes create life like the birds and the bees” in a hook. However to get to that song you had to play the whole side. The next version was the Dilla remix, (not the name, its just that he was behind it as well as Tip And Ali) and it was so sick. I’ve been looking for the remix online since I left those crates in Va. I remember when me and a former friend were tight, he came thru and I played it and he went crazy. Since his production style was on some Dilla type shit anyway,  it was over at that point. After that I hunted any remix with production credits going to the Ummah (might be wrong on the spelling, it’s been over 10 years since I seen the name).

So fast forward, time passes and it seems everyone is a fan of J Dilla. The thing that struck me was he was getting grittier later on down the road. I noticed it on Commons Like Water for Chocolate album (which is ALSO in those damn crates). On Donuts I was amazed at the shit he flipped and on this Jay Stay Paid I was blown away but what he flipped. Pete Rock, the one producer he gave a gang of love to, mixed and took care of this project in beautiful fashion.


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