Lost Chamber of Black Music


So I been rocking the Wu new “Chamber Music” for a week now while going to work and it’s a lot better than people give it credit for. It’s at the point now where the Wu are in the Nas zone of criticisms, we judge them by their older stuff.  And just like “Untitled” you have to throw that mind frame out the window. This not complete album, for many reasons, is better than “8 Diagrams”. BTW this is not some review just stating the fact I like this way better than a few of their last releases.

First off the most catching piece of work here is the “music”, yeah music… You know where bands and musicians play instruments? We get that here on the “Chamber Music”, fuck at the end of the day the band, Brooklyn’s own The Revelations, are the sole stars of this endeavor. Yes Deck as far as members go is the truth here (biases alert coming), but that’s cause Gza is no where to be found on the outing. And not to sound like a born again fan which I have odd to say become, Sean Price (of Heltah Skeltah fame) has the sickest bars on here. Mega as well as Masta Ace too have outstanding verses on here, doing way better than AZ, G. Rap, Havoc and M.O.P. Oh, and mad respect has to be given to Lil Fame for putting this together, it shows not only does he have a great sense of respect for the Wu but for those of his generation (the 90’s). That kind of love for what other artist outside of your crew do and or has done is often lost in today’s Hip Hop.

Now again the to the music, it feels good to say that given even our urban none rap has seem to stop having musicians, notice I never said R&B or singers hmm? Which is why we need to catch up with Mr. West and smack the fuck out of this fool?  As you may or may not know he is pushing to get drum machines in school to help the youth practice making basic drum patterns and laying strange noises on top of it and all the while reducing the out put of “Music”. He has been saying some shit about we could help more kids be the next Soulja Boy???  Again find him and beat the shit out of him! Now what bugs me about this is here is a man who kicks it with real musicians, I take it can at the least tickle the ivory’s, and he wants to have the youth deal with drum machines. The history sad enough of Hip Hops marriage to the drum machine is simple, the poor inner city youth back then had a lot of shit stripped from their schools and most were gang members or some shit. Excuse, not at all because if I want the youth be the next someone it would be Barry White. He was a Gang member who stopped and “Composed” most if not all his music in his hay day. James brown did so too with what I was told by older folks a 5th to 6th grade education. Now do I think either one of those men can write a note of music, fuck no, if they did then we should really step our level of gratitude up by the way, but they thought of the arrangements. It’s what makes Pete Rock and Dre and many other Hip Hop GREAT producers different from these half ass dudes now. To take seconds of various older songs and manipulate them to make another song all together is genius. We should be encouraging schools as well as community centers to teach inner city youth how to play instruments. If the “Chamber Music” album does nothing else it shows that we can stop sampling and still have real melodies and riffs and just a tight arranged musical experience thanks to bands playing behind us. It’s worked for The Roots forever and Common as well as Jay and Mos do it. It’s kind of like “Chamber Music” opens that door to in some way go back but still move forward. I’m a sample junkie and I loved when a friend of mine played a guitar riff I cut and chopped exactly the way I put it together on my beat. It shows all we have to do is think of it and it can be played.

Before I go please note someone, maybe Fame, should have stopped the Rza with those damn Rzaludes. He could have at least let the members of the Wu who didn’t spit at all on this outing do an interlude and saved face. Just a thought because that really becomes a drag listening to the Rza gloat about what I’m still trying to figure out, not really that’s why we have skip buttons. Still it’s a great joint now I can look forward for OB4CL 2.


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