Funny People

So I saw the Adam Sandler movie Funny People, I have to say it was way better than I thought it would be. I’m not an Adam Sandler fan myself so the film made me really respect his grind. Not to say it’s Oscar caliber or anything, but I will say it was impressive watching homie do his thing. This could be the start of becoming a gutsy actor in my book. I saw the flick where he looked like Dylan, which now that’s Sandler is older he does look a lot like Dylan anyway, in the movie where he played opposite Don Cheadle as an old college roommate. Hated that flick I didn’t really see where it was necessary at all. But this film really had nice transition abilities to it for Sandler, it was funny and then it went serious and he kept up with it. Maybe just maybe this could be that film that you take him serious as an actor, many comedians have done it well in the past. Whoopi (Color Purple), Jamie Foxx (Ray or Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story depending on if you saw that), Janeane Garofalo ( a gang of TV dramas where she held her own and made me forget she was a comedain, and with wearing business suites I  realized she has some shape to her) and a nice list of Robin Williams films. Yes Mork has a great catalog of movies under his belt, the latest being The Worlds Greatest Dad. It’s a good movie, don’t let the title fool you. Or will Adam make this chance to become a deeper actor fall and make a shit load of bad flicks like Eddie has done after Dream Girls?  I would love to see he and Eddie go further in their careers to be honest with you, but time will tell I guess.

So not reviewing this movie at all, it is a good movie people trust me when I say that. Now that is out the way let us get started with the realness of this post.

I came away from it relating completely with the George character, it was like we were one at some point. No I’m not sick, I don’t think anyway, but in the loneliness he felt throughout the movie. There is a part where Ira (Seth Rogen) asks why he doesn’t tell friends about his sickness. George lets him know there are no friends in the entertainment world only associates. Biggie said the same shit in an interview during the whole beef with Pac, which is why that beef fucked with him so much, because Pac was a friend beyond the music shit. But both are right with that thinking, I get texts and emails all the time about what they recording and if I’m recording. It makes remember why I never let too many people know I was an artist, those people were my escape from the BS.  I suppose. There’s a part where he watched old movies and stand up footage it was totally me listening to old CDs of myself and my crew and wondering what happened? I use to go in the lab and record 8 to 10 songs from 11am to 8pm with a gang of bull shitting between songs, now I’ve been planning to record for the last month and still have only gotten to tracking three beats out. The way George went back to his roots and did the whole stand up thing is kind of where I am in a way. The difference is my roots are the streets, and MCs don’t spit on the block anymore. You can’t even be in a room where a sick beat comes on and get a nice cipher going these days. In a way it doesn’t matter most rap dudes suck and that’s when they give you their written shit. Plus most dudes love to battle, me been there done that moved on. Going to open mic to just get that feel of live shit has now turned into some garbage ass crew literally having the members go one at a time taking the night up with a corny ass squad of clowns.
His frustration with his illness and the medicine they gave him giving him pains while fighting his illness is me and the pain of this piece of shit city with my medicine being memories of the life lived before KC. People always ask why don’t I just go back home to Bad Newz? Well it’s changed a lot and with those changes come the hard reality that I have to deal with the now. It’s like when George saw the love of his life with her kids and they kicked it together that day to have the cold hard facts of the truth slap him when her husband showed up. This isn’t Bad Newz and the comradery between artists is all but dead. So now I’m just left doing me working thru the ills of my now while still driving ahead. Not a happy ending, but the movie didn’t have one either really. It truly was a life type flick.


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