Anti-Social Affair

I’ve noticed people saying crazy shit about being social these days, a lot of it is pure bullshit in my opinion. What we have in our society today is a real lack of social skills, despite how someone may tell you other wise it’s true. Remember hearing about old timers who could go anywhere and meet and greet and have friends no matter the background, race or age? I have met more than my share of friends that way and was once in that lane myself in my former life. These people had big paper homies, broke friends, those who still stayed with their moms, a few locked up and just blue collar Joes. Those days are over, now you’re friends or associates have to be just like you. And this is where when people say they are a social person, you find yourself reading between the lines.
I’ve personally seen two examples of this new social world, one example happened to me to be honest. Let’s start with that one shall we? If you know me or just read any of these posts it’s not a surprise about my feelings on Kansas City at all. So when I got here I did the go out and did kick it to meet people thing and the first observation I realized is how shallow people are here. I remember going out and having a conversation with a guy while the NBA Finals were on, that year was when the Heat beat the Mavs to win the championship. Some guy and I started out talking about how we both weren’t big Shaq fans but understood this was that Hall of Fame moment taking three different teams to the Finals and shit. So we really were kicking it, eyeing chicks, talking sports and just taking in the vibe in the bar really. He asked what I did before he even asked my name first sign shit is not right in my book. I told him I worked at FEDEX. The guy, all truth no lie here, got up and never even said shit to me the rest of my time there. I have been in that scenario more than I like to count and at first my thought was KC dudes are gay. Then I noticed that’s really what people do, they ask your place of employment before even trying to know the person you are. The problem with this is that in all sense of the word its anti-social but by today’s lifestyle we don’t call it that at all haven’t figured out the name but it’s not anti-social.
Other example comes from a friend we called O. He got his GED in the 89’, I know this because after he got his GED he went and saw Do The Right Thing and told us the whole movie blow by blow. Anyway he was 17 and got a job working for the city and he was the one who told us of all the benefits being a government employee had and shit, and still works there if I’m not correct. In 2003 he made a big jump in his life, he married his off again on again girlfriend, got promoted a third time and moved out to burbs. That year in the Super Bowl the Eagles played and we went to have the Super Bowl party at his new spot. When we got out the cars he made a smart remark about how we should have all worn the same colors. So we asked why, thinking there was “black hate” in the area, not knowing until he told us there were more blacks than whites there. The problem however was the career path he chose to get in the neighborhood. He said the neighbor we saw used to talk to him until he asked what he did for a living and after that my man O was like the swine flue and shit.
We let this shit happen though, when someone doesn’t kick it around the crowd they should be around, that’s when being anti-social comes into play. If you don’t hangout with the chick who works at Starbucks no one cares, but if you don’t talk to that junior associate of some business downtown then you’re anti-social. I find myself falling in the zone thinking of Ice T lately. He said something about putting kids in a sandbox and with no one to tell them who to talk to they will get along fine and pick friends off of how people are. Now his layout was referring to race but in this situation it works the same for being social because as kids were like that, we hung out with people not because of what their parents did or where they lived but because we liked them and they liked us. Today even that’s gone, people move to be around like minded people such as themselves and call it a community. You see it during election year all the time, a spot where two to four homes have democrat or republican shit out being the minority.  Ask someone do they know them and you’ll get no. Why? Because of their politics. Again its anti-social but we let it go because of politics in this case.
Even on social sites there’s a place where it says career and then you see earnings. I’m looking to kick it at clubs, hit a few shows with people into the same music as me, maybe get together at a basketball court or watch a few games. How does my job and wage affect that? Who knows really, but there are those who in their “about me” section it reads like a fucking resume, a resume to have you chill with them. Shit the Craigslist killer got his victims because he wrote out some good shit and was all that along with being a serial killer. That guy would not have gotten anywhere being, say my homie O, working for the city and shit. What we have done is in all honestly turned our country into one large ass high school with clicks at every turn. What used to be people of different backgrounds and beliefs and race connecting has just stopped somewhere? You see it on reality TV, remember how The Real World had some damn near homeless people or gay or just straight lower wage people and the basis was to see them interact with each other? That’s gone you get one person who is supposed to embody all this surrounded by those from the burbs who have it somewhat good. Bad to them is ones a drunk or have a parent who’s a drunk, ones a hoe (male or female), ones a bully and ones a geek-type. Again high school, and we are acting the same way in this country right now. The difference is that we have now just stopped talking to people who aren’t like us at all.
I have started to notice the people who claim they’re social aren’t by no means social, what they are is really people who play it safe. They rarely if at all venture out of their comfort zone to make friends, but tend to ridicule you for not being open to talk to people. Again that is code for talk to people in your same status quo not so much anyone you may find interesting. The truth and sad reality is if people were as social as they claim to be we’d understand one another better. All the stereotyping we do about one another could be reduced as well as these bullshit divide and conquer games politicians play with us. If we really got to know people we would be more open to working something out for healthcare, minimum wage, education and a lot of other shit that could be handled by the citizens first then brought to our government for change. It’s like that townhall meeting shit awhile back, some of those people lived right next to one another and never spoke due to ideologies, and the sad thing is once the bus left the anti-socialness continued as if that day never happened.


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