Live From The Oasis playlist Sept 9th Jay Z: The Architect

  1. IZZO (Hova) Unplugged
  2. Bump Bump Bump
  3. Mya – Best Of Me remix
  4. Threat
  5. Ignorant Shit feat Beanie Sigel
  6. Big Pimping feat UGK
  7. D’ Evils
  8. Funkmaster Flex show freestyle
  9. When The Money Goes
  10. Ain’t No Nigga feat Foxy Brown
  11. Can’t Knock The Hustle remix
  12. Brooklyn Finest feat B.I.G
  13. HP Gets Busy (High Potent song feat Jaz and Jay Z)
  14. Analyze This (Shaq song feat Nas, Lord Tariq and Jay Z)
  15. R.Kelly – Fiesta remix
  16. Lucifer
  17. He Asked For It feat Uncle Murda
  18. If I Can’t freestyle
  19. I minute man (Missy feat Luda and Jay Z)
  20. No Hook

Live From the Oasis is an online radio show on that airs every Wednesday night 11pm est/10pm central and 8pm on the west. Hosted by Black Ceez Live From the Oasis gives you two hours of the realest Hip Hop, from old school classics to the newest releases. Check the link below to go the page.

The Stash 09-09-09 pt
The Stash 09 09 09 pt


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