Comic review

So I’m thinking of getting The Watchmen. Well, I am getting it just not sure when to get it. Should I do it now or wait for the “supreme version” in December? While looking online at my favorite place for deals and constant amusement,, I checked the reviews to get the vibe of the movie from other people. One thing I love about Amazon reviewers is that they are true blue Americans. No one on earth is as arrogant and self absorbed as us. We’re the only people who get pissed when foreigners can’t speak the language, go to other countries (not even trying to learn those languages), and get pissed no one speaks English because again they… well you know. Back to Amazon, people will admit they don’t like comics or comic movies or whatever genre of entertainment it may be and feel good about shitting on the product from an “I’m not into this” mind frame. I take it these are the same people who protest against porn, gay marriage and a host of other shit. Why? Because since they aren’t into it or live that lifestyle they feel it’s less important to the bigger universe (bigger universe being their small minded point of view).
So here’s the point of this post. The Watchmen is a comic movie not like others because of the fact the comic starts off the same way the first scene in the movie does. There really isn’t an origin format like other comic books, where you find out about each character during the book. This is a crazy long ass movie, not as long as the first Lord of The Rings though.  It also slows way the fuck down at times, too many times for my taste, but still is better than a lot of comic movies. The look and feel of the movie is one of the best qualities about it however the acting sucks at times. One reason for that is there isn’t a real big name star in it, which saved money for the CGI that’s all over place, 75% of that CGI is on Dr. Manhattan alone. I mean it’s an action comic and I can’t lie for the easily offended by too much violence some shit will totally turn off, not telling you what or when so don’t ask if you’ve not seen it the movie yet. I know I knew a bit about the comic book itself, not a lot of shit mind you, so I went and downloaded the motion comic book as well as the online comic books just to know the characters as well as the plot of the movie.
So I know people don’t think like me, but if you go into a comic book movie knowing you don’t know shit about it and can find source material like the actual comic books themselves and  don’t check them out you’re an idiot.  So I’m still on Amazon reading reviews about how “it’s not all the heroes we know of today” and “why was it set in the 80’s?”  Why worry about it, why not just enjoy the ride? People 300, Constantine, V for Vendetta and even Wanted really didn’t give a true origin set up for every single thing in the beginning. You saw it unfold during the flick. And by the way those ARE comics and that might have been the difference, The Watchmen looked like a comic book and the hype billed it as such, so maybe that is what made the bandwagon crowd so pissed about what they saw. This wasn’t the average comic book movie, this was indeed for those who knew of the comic and with that felt no need to even water shit down and go through the introduction peace like Batman Begins. We all know who Batman is and how he became Batman but if a movie just came on and there he was with no setup some people would still be pissed about it. All I ask is if you’re going to go out and watch or listen to shit for the hype or because it’s considered a classic, know that sometimes you come away being exposed to a gem, but most of the time you’re not going to like the shit and still be a fucking outsider to the world that embraces it.


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