KRS One verse from Think Of The Things


Day care, child care, tuition, fly gear,
It’s all good but it means nothing if you’re not there.
But the cops there, the crack rocks there
But where’s my dad? NOT THERE.
Now stop there
Let me talk to the daughters.
When moms is corrupted you know the whole families out of order.
Daughter, I don’t think you should order the firewater
Think higher daughter, drink water.
Seek order, speak shorter
Delete repeat callers
Stop sleeping with players and balers
Stand taller
There’s a lot of young boys but only one real man for ya
One man on ya
Only have one man call ya
You could roll your eyes if you wanna
But all that flirting and short skirting
only leads to hurting for certain.
Real men are out there working
And they not impressed with you
You keep seeking little boys who only want sex from you.
Real men want the rest of you
Real men walk next to you
But is a real man a check to you
When a real man is in your house
whether lover or spouse
Are you running em out?
Are you coming with doubt?
Are you all in a real mans face, yelling coming to shout?
When the loving is out, well so is the man
You know what’s up but your kid won’t understand.
They’ll say when yall broke up was I really part of the plan?

I said I’d post it, just took a minute with me being sick and shit.


3 thoughts on “KRS One verse from Think Of The Things

  1. How sick is that Buckshot/KRS album?? I can’t get that one out of the CD player. Good looking on typing up that verse.

    Love Buckshot’s intro to the track too: “n!ggas do some stupid sh!t, but this has got to be one of the stupidest.”

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