Iron Man 2

demon in the bottle

So in 2010 we will get an Iron Man 2. From what I’ve gathered it takes place close to a year after the scene in the first movie where Tony Stark told the press he is Iron Man. What’s interesting about this is that they will venture into Tony’s dependency on alcohol, something they tapped into and danced around in the first movie. Yes if you watch the first Iron Man you’ll notice before he does the air chase scene, homie has a glass in his hand. Now word has it Iron Man 2 won’t go full Demon in the Bottle, but hopefully it will tap on a few of the pieces of the comic series. Sources say it will however deal with Tony going through a mid-life crisis and personal problems such as dealing with Pepper having a boyfriend. I figure it will be a great movie and may have a darker tone to it.

This is why I love Marvel, they tackle a lot of real shit. I think Iron Man was the first hero to have real problems, face them, beat them, fall off and the cycle continues, like many real people face all the time. Iron Man was never my personal favorite dude, I was an X-Men dude on the real, but I did come to see him as more of a person then a hero. It’s one of the coolest things about Tony Stark that I think Robert Downey Jr. brings out on camera, the complexity of life. I hope Iron Man 2 turns out good as the first one but with a more of a plot. Yeah I know the first one was an origin movie, but it still could have a bit more punch to it with the plot.


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