Unfinished Business

Lenny Williams

Ok it’s late and you’re with your significant other, its pre or post sex and you’re curled up listening to the late night radio… or after just having some big ass fight with your mate, for who knows what and your down and upset….and the local station is playing oldies. Then Lenny Williams comes on and one thing is for certain, Lenny Williams is no stranger to slow jam rotation. Everyone knows the now classic/ghetto hit “Cause I Love You”. Yes the one where the singing stops and you get the long drawn out almost stalker confession of Lenny hanging outside of his girl’s house, knocking and when he gets no answer goes home. Upset he plays records until he’s tired of that shit and well you know the rest. Since that song way been when, Lenny has dropped a few albums. Actually he has come out with 3 this decade alone, but his latest is a nice breezy surprise.

 First off let’s put it out there in the open, say it loud so it’s not a mole with hair sticking out from it. Most old school artists tend to try to grab the younger audience and make not baby making music but music for the babies who were made from older music. Now to be fair I haven’t heard any of Lenny’s 90’s stuff or the shit from this decade but I have peeped Unfinished Business and it’s a lot better than I was willing to give it credit for off first glance. Let me start by saying he knows his claim to fame, it’s all over this album. I think he’s giving a monologue on every song, not counting his ‘”Ooh I… I… I.. I” shit. With that said, no song tries to out right recreate “Cause I Love You” or even tip toe towards it, I think that in itself makes this a good output.

 Unfinished Business starts with an intro/interlude that is just a re- introduction to him, in case you were thinking “another Lenny Williams?” Once the first song “Sunny Afternoon” kicks in you know this is truly a breath of fresh air. There are no samples or urban radio bandwagon-hopping songs present, however there are two contemporary blues tracks, “Sorry I Didn’t Know It Was Yo Momma” and “Cheatin On the Cheatin”. You know those blues songs you hear on the oldie stations that tend to all sound alike melody and beats wise? Those two songs fit in the lane. There also is one song that completely is west coasty and you get the feeling this was one of the first if not the first song recorded for this album. The song is totally out of place and if feels dated to me. Overall this truly sounds very Neo Soul-ish, like Dwele or Raheem DeVaughn gave Lenny the tracks they couldn’t fit on their albums. The song writing is like R Kelly in his non-Mr. Big shit, which is a good thing by all means. There is nothing fake about this album at all, but there are some “my momma warned me about you” lines which are odd since he is more than old enough to have better judgment of women and life in general.

 Is this a great album? It’s flawed, but only slightly. Again Lenny is older and his music is a reflection of that but he didn’t need to have all the young guns on here to make it appeal to music lovers. Trust me you won’t be pissed you got your hands on this at all.

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