The New Chicken and Watermelon out put starts next week

chicken and watermelon music

I get a lot of questions about why I don’t play this artist and that artist on my show. My answer is always that’s NOT HIP HOP! But as of late even people who I know knows real Hip Hop have stopped listening and have started telling me so and so got that fire. I check em out and hear pure blackface, disrespectful music to our women, all women really, thugging with no purpose or focus, and a gang of lame gimmicks. So it’s like if my dawgs who could go line for line off the purple tape to Illmatic to Doggystyle to ATLiens to Em first album to DMX and anything the LOX did are now telling me this garbage is on that level in their mind. I must have missed that boat and I guess need to find a way on it. Because from where I sit if you’re over I say 25 and you really think this shit popping now is really dope you sold the fuck out on this Hip Hop shit. You really letting this weak shit bang in your crib or car you need to grow the fuck up. Trust me there’s a gang young dudes and chicks that spit, I mean really spit, but since ignorance sell and majority rules I will follow suite with the rest of the lost souls listening to this B.S. So as of now I will be playing nothing but Chicken and Watermelon, blackface porchmonkey music being sold to us as Hip Hop by websites, radio and BET.

So more Drake, Boosie, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Soulja Boy, Wiz Khalifa, Nipesy, Jeezy, Gucci, Weezy and rapper with lil or young (any spelling) in their name, Fab, Cudi, Yeezy, Plies, Jim Jones, Cam, anyone using the word SWAG in their album title or in the hook of the song, skinny jeans wearing dudes, all female rappers that’s not Jean or Eternia, all rappers doing TRAP music, disrespect our women music, love song to strippers music, using auto-tune (still), can’t use compound words or words that have more than six, I mean 6 letters in it, anyone other than Bun B saying trill too many times, bells and whistles and what I swear are car horns in their beats back by the most basic heavy bass drums beats, childish hooks in their songs, dudes wearing medallions of themselves or some other nonsense, rappers who sound like their reading scripts from Roots, or maybe they are un aware blacks can get an education so sounding slaves doesn’t help sell your blackness, but does help sell units to whites consumers who think what they see in the news is how blacks men are and find it fascinating like those dudes on the Discovery Channel who hunt down animals to observe them. And to blacks who have no one to actually give them real guidance to inform them that what they see and hear is pure bull shit and help them to find a way out the hood and grab hold of a better living. You can love and embrace the fact you’re from the hood, but still no your parents would want you to do better than them and have a better life for you and your children so they don’t go through what you did growing up. And finally anyone BET nominates for awards and plays all day on the GOD awful network… Yeah I’m playing that music now. I love Black Embarrassment Television, the only place where crackheads get their own shows.


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