Mr. West, is this a sign of art reflecting life?

 kanye west shrot film

Ok, let me say this first off Kanye West knows how to market himself, so good that I’m forced to believe that the VMA stunt was just that… A STUNT. Kanye has been working on a short film for a while with director Spike Jones. You know him for sure now more than ever thanks to Where The Wild Things Are getting such love and a bit of hate here and there. But there were talks about this film back in March so it only goes to show how much of a skilled promoter Kanye is. He alone made himself the biggest asshole last month and knowing how we are as a society puts this short film out… Genius. Everyone has seen it or at least heard about it, and the same people hating last month somewhat love him again this month. I’m fighting myself to not  think this was some bold outlined plan years in the making.

 The short film itself is so close to what people think of Kanye to the stories I’ve heard and read about Kanye. So he’s drunk and acting, since it’s a film I will be using the word correctly, acting like an ass at a party. He hits on a few chicks says a shit load of the wrong things, again what you would expect from Kanye West at a social outing like this. He meets up with some chick and digs her out. In reality he’s been fucking a Pillow on the couch the whole time. He goes to a bathroom, vomits what looks like pink pedals, I can’t tell from how slow the video goes, hits the floor and sees a knife. Now we get to the really bizarre shit. He stabs himself, yeah I said that, pulls what looks to be a rat out of his stomach. The rat or whatever it is, I’ve read people stating it looked cute, I guess if rodents are cute sure, is connected to him like a baby to the mother. He cuts these cords then hands a smaller knife to the rat. The rats kills himself and then??? Well the clip I saw stops there so if there is more to it I can’t tell. Trust me Kanye and his people have pulled this short film from a gang of sites. I saw it once on Hip Hop site and thought WTF?

 The thing I’m getting from this is that this is Kanye killing his demons, I think anyone seeing this will get that though to be honest. But is this really symbolism for such a bold move in ones life or just some loud cry for attention? I know the short film was also used to push his single “See You In My Nightmares”, and to be honest I swear it sounds like all the other Auto-tune songs Kanye has. I’m not going so far to say he’s a good actor, trust me I read that all over the web, but he does have some good ideas in his head. I’m far from a Kanye West fan these days and really haven’t liked anything after “Big Brother”.  The only other guy who could have done this kind of shit is Diddy. Of course a dance number would have been thrown in and the sex scene drawn out, but I could see Diddy at home pissed he didn’t think of this. Diddy wouldn’t have added the rat thing though, who seemed to be a better actor than Kanye, you know Diddy doesn’t do sharing well. All in all maybe this is Kanye telling us something or maybe I’m just giving the guy way too much credit. I did say he could have had this planned out years ago didn’t I?

 I got the video from people over, they still have the joint up so far.


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