?uestlove Lesson



I made it a conscious effort not make a Hip Hop blog with downloads and video clips and whatever else everyone else has poppin on their blogs. Not saying I’m not for it because the ones I frequent keep my spirits up that real Hip Hop is still in rotation somewhere.

 So I was checking out Diggers  Union Local 1200 one night and saw they had a post from the T.R.O.Y blog, went there and really don’t want that download  after all. I decided to check the spot out and came across this Questlove mix dirt_dog posted.  Now I am not big on sample mixes or really too many things that have to do with exposing what was used to make classic shit, even if I’m curious to know. But I have to say I like this for one reason   ?uesto is actually cutting in this mix. It’s not some lame ass one song after the other, it’s really has some thought to it. So if you are into the sample mixes and want to hear some Hip Hop classics  original samples this is what you need in your life click here.

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