Enough with Tiger already!

 tiger woods

This Tiger Woods thing is totally getting out of hand now. I think him getting caught is just the funniest thing in the world. It shows how humble he must be to think he is not some iconic figure outside of Golf or sports alone. The Enquirer broke the news he was cheating, you’re a big celebrity figure of some sort when The Enquirer is following you around.

 Now people are letting other Golfers add their two cents and its sounds like Golfers are as morally judgmental as politicians. Not sure if it’s jealously or feeling like they been let down by a worthy foe that they had great respect for, but negative words from the Golfers are coming out of nowhere. The fact is Golf is boring and was nothing until Tiger came along. I’m not sure golfers even had a gang of groupies, it’s like NASCAR before Jeff Gordon, you knew guys were probably fucking around but you also pictured a certain kind of woman. Golf was the same way and Tiger’s mistresses didn’t fit that template at all. Now sponsors are dropping him, for what cheating on his wife? Not to compare apples with oranges but Chris Brown still has a recording career and will be asked to perform on television the next year during the award show season. Radio still plays his songs and he just dropped an album as well. Shit R Kelly fucked and pissed on an underage chick and hasn’t really gone through the rings of fire. Kobe was accused of raping a woman and in that accusation had to admit he cheated on his wife. Nike picked him up and I’m not sure if he was really dropped by anyone. Tiger cheats on his wife and pop culture is ready to shun him? Can someone help me make sense of that?

 I heard a guy on the radio make sense of it all yesterday. He talked about how once you go from athlete to celebrity the world will view you different. He brought up Alex Rodriguez, Tom Brady, and Tony Romo, and it all made sense. To even think Tiger was above this was our childish naivety at work. Are we hurt because it’s Tiger who cheated or shocked he stayed out of the ever-invading eye of the TMZ generation this long? I mean how much of Tiger do we really know via the media?  He has kept a very low profile for over ten years, even his then girlfriend now wife was a slap in the face to wake up and realize we don’t know him. The saddest part is yet to come because the media will now try to play catch up on all the lost years of prying in Tiger Woods life. I can only hope this is really the extent of the “shame on Tiger” vibe we’re into.


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