Chris Brown being black balled?

I talked about people being naive when it came to Tiger Woods in a post, but Chris Brown must have really thought he was in the clear for some reason. I heard about the Twitter meltdown, and to some extent I agree. I’m all for boycotting the guy if you feel he’s gotten off too easy. I mean it’s not like he’s THAT good of a singer anyway, but let the consumers do it not the stores. That stand does send a message, the odd one it seems in my opinion that stores can sell what they want to sell. Meaning when Al Sharpton was on his rampage about Hip Hop music those same stores could have stepped up and chose not to restock and continue to sell certain artists CDs.

Which brings up another point, what group was behind putting pressure on these outlets? The African American community is very forgiving, I mean VERY forgiving. Look at the long list of black celebrities and athletes that have fucked up just to still be good people in our minds. So I figure some female group against violence towards women put the pressure on someone somewhere. Still not sure what gave Chris Brown the impression he had gotten beyond all this shit?


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