What is the right way to promote your music online? Twitter


Twitter is a delicate piece of social site. I’m sure everyone is well aware of Twitter by this point. The problem is the fine, thin line between promoting yourself and overdoing it is all but gone when you use Twitter. One Tweet too many can lose your followers by your next status update and not tweeting enough can lose followers too. So what you have is something no one really can be a pro at, it’s more about the follower’s willingness to take what you give them.

  I have a Twitter account and from that I have read countless “how to’s” on Twitter promoting and just movement within the site. One thing is no one wants to seem like their selling themselves but the goal is to do so??? I will admit I hate seeing tweets that are nothing but self promotion with links attached. It gets tiring seeing that all the time from the same people. You have to mix things up at some point, it’s good to network but just kick it too at times. If the only way to give updates about what’s new on your personal site is through Twitter then it has to be only about promotion. News networks do this as well as journalists. I follow Ann Curry and never saw a tweet where she said some personal daily shit. Her tweets pertain to her job and same goes for others in that field. For music it would be nice to read a “I’m chilling with kids” or “just came from a game” tweet. We follow artists not just for music but because we want to identify with them. Yes even unsigned artists can be a major mover in this outlet as well.

 There are tons of apps dedicated to Twitter and some even help you link your music, blogs and personal sites, so use them! I’ve gotten followed from people I have no idea who they are and have lost even more. Again it’s a thin line so watch how you move on Twitter there is nothing worse than an artist self promoting everyday all day. Something I would never try is following established artists, direct messaging them and linking your music. Reason being you know they have been hit like that tons of times already and may never even check people’s music out. Sad to say as in Hip Hop, most artists do mixtapes but never properly get the lyrics copy written or have some sort of publishing. So a big time star listening to the artist’s music can easily steal it and claim it as his or her own, then what? I like to think those days of stealing shit are dead and gone, but with all the drama around Lil’ Fame stealing a beat a few months back, it’s proof that it still happens.

  Bottom line is, have fun with twitter and tweet wisely. It’s best to really be doing something heavy to be tweeting hardcore, meaning traveling doing shows or working on new music and putting links up for the song and as well as video footage or the recording sessions. Give people something to look forward to when you tweet the world.

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