Black Congressional Caucus vs. Obama

So The Black Congressional Caucus feels President Obama isn’t doing enough for African Americans in these tough economic times. Obama has the right mind set by not getting into a race issue at all. The fact is everyone is hurting and even when the Black Caucus is right, their half right. They have the facts right that urban inner city blacks and browns are really left out in the cold but miss the point that so are many whites in those areas as well as some rural and small town spots around this country. Truth be told, as much as there are inner city minorities having a hard time finding work the same can be said for whites in rural areas.

 I do think something should be done to help blacks and browns in these bad situations that are eating this country up, but it should have been done a long time ago. We saw the signs and knew who was and wasn’t going to bounce back. The argument is long overdue and comes off more as a way to question Obama and his blackness. We have not moved so far ahead of the the old saying, “Last one hired, first one fired.” If Obama was to make any such statements catering to African Americans about such a devastating subject affecting all Americans, it would play right into the hands of the haters. My question is what are those black organizations doing? Are they setting up free workshops in urban areas across the country? Is there some kind training to help you get certain kind of good paying job for those in the hood? Is there an organized alternative transportation program in the works to get those from the inner city to those jobs that are located in the middle of nowhere? Because truth be told that is how so many people lost their jobs in general. A lot of work moved from the city, near bus routes, leaving people who can’t drive or have no car taking less paying jobs. All major cities say the same thing, the jobs are outside the city in the middle of nowhere. Even the small town rural area people don’t really have those factory jobs anymore. Jobs have moved overseas or just moved to different states and left people in the dark. Is The Black Caucus acknowledging these points and trying to come up with some answers? Why wait for Obama? It sounds like we’re still looking for hand outs as a people for no other reason than because our President is black.

 As a country we were screwed, lied to and left to salvage what we can. However notice I said as a county, not a race.  Yes some people will be worse off than others and race is a piece of that. The real issue is the government is looking out for us supposedly by making sure banks and other entities are taken care of  first so they can then help us, the little people. There are plenty of African Americans eating fine with no foreclosure problems at all, what’s their secret? Obama keep doing what you’re doing, it would be nice if you get something done about these problem we are facing though.


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