Hip Hop 09

Every year Hip Hop seems to get worst, I swear when you think it can’t get worst it does. This year follows that trend with no hesitation at all. Now I started just getting the Love/Hate issues of XXL feeling it was the equitant to those anniversary issues of The Source, meaning it’s the one time they were the most honest and true to Hip Hop. Even with that they slacked off and unless I missed it they didn’t have a Love/Hate issue this year did they? Why should they, this year has saw some of the less talented rap stars flood the major arena. And I know one of my favorite sites Hiphopsite seem to have stopped their year end thing too as well as re-working things just be up and running again as of late. I thought it was funny when 50 Cent had Kanye West out sell him  in 07’, I thought it was sad because 50 album that year was actually better than Kanye joint. But this year Hip Hop has been condensed to a trio of rappers, Gucci Mane, Weezy and his robin in training Drake. All other rappers were so un-important this year.

All three men seem to have fallen into some weird world of improbabilities. I mean none are even remotely lyrical heavyweights at all and yet get defended quickly. Seriously, has anybody really paid any attention to a Gucci verse, who is definitely the worst of the three. But his jail record and the fact he got away with murder gives him the “real nigga” credibility that most rappers bust their ass to get.  So we totally overlook the fact he sounds like he’s mentally challenged because he’s a hustler and really does bust his gun.

Then there’s Weezy who still sounds like he’s at that awkward point of puberty where you’re voice is changing. I swear he sound like the pimple faced kid on The Simpsons. I find myself swallowing and clearing my throat when I hear the dude who is hands down the most overrated “rapper” in history. Don’t get it twisted there are times he can go out here and make you rewind a verse or two. But really once he started doing tracks with real MCs the chink in his armor was revealed. His reason for still being a fan favorite, well it’s simple he’s not from New York. I know that sounds strange but truth be told before Weezy went on his mixtape over flow, G-Unit had that on lock. Those G-Unit Radio mixtapes as well as showing up on other DJ mixtapes were the blueprint to Weezys work. The fact that once you leave the East Coast the strength of G-Unit declined that opened the door for Weezy, shit VH1 would have you believe no other artists were pushing mixtapes as hard if not harder. The thing is those who did have success with mixtapes were from New York most of the time, and once you past the East Coast love for New York Hip Hop dies fast. So Weezy got the hardest man working title which he earned to a degree and from that he’s seen as the shit.

 Now his understudy truly defies all logic. He has everything that’s not supposed to work in his favor in his corner and yet still blew the fuck up. I mean he’s Canadian, a former child star which means he’s an actor turned rapper, targeted the women audience first and was, I mean is straight ass on the mic. He blew up because his mixtape made the rounds at black colleges,  HUH? Now, to be fair people say that like it’s not an everyday occurrence, it is just the opposite just ask the thousands of rappers who pass out mixtapes on campus universities everywhere. Shit on any given week you can come away with more than 10 mixtapes, some free like Drakes and some you pay for. No the real draw was the fact that word spread Drake was down with Lil Wayne. The same way Lupe Fiasco got by not for riding with Kanye but because Jay Z said he was sick with it on 106 & Park one night.  Yeah it’s all about who you know.

The fact that these artists are so popular and backed by major labels gives them even more face time. I mean to his credit Drake has a song from a mixtape that turned into a single that’s now up for a Grammy. That’s monumental like when Three 6 Mafia got an Oscar. No matter how you feel about the music for Hip Hop it is a stepping stone and you can’t take that away from him . But the problem is way better artist have dropped better albums this year. And unlike the years past where it was the usual suspects dropping hot shit and they got enough airplay to at least balance things out a bit. This year Reakwon has the best album of the year hands down and depending on where you live you can’t find five people who heard it or heard a song from the damn thing. The Grammy nominees for Hip Hop are a bit of a mix bag of artists with a lot of albums and singles people never heard of at all this year. That’s only because radio, magazines, BET and the web have focused so much on the weak roster that has been running Hip Hop as of late. So much so that one site had a top 10 MCs of 09 and 1 through 4 was Jay Z. Rea was 10, Fab was 8, Drake made 7 or 6 and the rest were southern dudes. The fact that some integrity hit them to go ahead and give Hova the last four spots is sad. We don’t have enough real MCs to fill out a top 10 list? And it really wasn’t filled anyway, that list I saw read like a who’s who of black pop Hip Hop with exception of Reakwon. That was simply because you can’t deny Only Built 4 Cuban Links 2 is the shit at all.

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