No new jobs still…

So the word is there isn’t a real change with the unemployment status of our country.  It’s also been reported that less people filed for unemployment. Now to be the voice of reason on that part of the story, the news kept saying how long it was going to take for a person to see one cent of their unemployment checks. So at some point people may be waiting things out or are trying a new route to get money, legal I hope of course.

Now in the mix of somewhat I think was supposed to be damage control it’s been noted no new jobs have been lost. One thing I heard someone say that drives the point maybe congress should step in and do something, I mean if they’re looking into the BCS shit they could look into this economy thing. So reports are flying around that most jobs won’t hire new people and have been doing good with the current staff they have now. And with work increasing and those workers now doing sometimes double the work with time being cut in some cases, you would think someone would cut in and insist workers got some kind of raise. So people are doing double the work, sometimes two different jobs all together for the same pay? The news reports stated that this is now a common practice, and again not one person in Congress think this is crazy, and they wonder why the public feels those on Capital Hill can’t relate with them


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