The RACE for Mayor in New Orleans

So there is racial undertone bubbling down in New Orleans during the race for Mayor of the city.  Ed Murray, a black candidate, that was the front runner dropped out without even talking it over with his people. That sent the local media on a frenzy crowning Mitch Landrieu, a white candidate, as the new front runner and victor. It’s being tagged as the “white hope”.  New Orleans hasn’t had a white mayor in almost 30 years

The problem is with the out right racial divide during and after Katrina by the locals themselves. Many people of New Orleans both blacks and whites still feel the city isn’t what it was before the hurricane hit in 2005.. A part of that  uncomfortable feeling has to do with new people moving to the city and opening businesses and planning to raise their families while there those who were born and raised in the city can’t get back to the city or have returned and don’t feel the essence of what made New Orleans what it was.  Of course as long as financially things are looking up and tourism is growing back to what is normal for the city all local concerns could somewhat be pushed to the side.

To be honest this  race for mayor has done one good thing and that is focus on the local citizens, all of them. I know when it comes to the media everyone loves to talk to those who moved there to start a new life. And not to sound mean spirited but some people aren’t really mentality equipped for such culture and diversity New Orleans once was known for and still can offer. So if you get whites who have never really been around blacks or even poor people those concerns that the last few mayors of New Orleans have dealt with holds no weight at all. This race that now seems to be build on race issues itself, this can easily send the wrong message no matter who wins. It would be best for a former mayor or someone well respected in the city black or white to step in a nip this issue in the bud before it does open a door that can not be closed or it will take generations to close.


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