Pat Robertson is still saying crazy shit

So Pat Robertson of the 700 Club said on air the earthquake in Haiti came as a result of some deal with the Devil to get the French of the country of Haiti. I always find is funny how this guy keeps a show running and even more difficult for me to understand is who believes this shit he’s saying?  He is right the country of Haiti hasn’t been blessed with the best of luck at all. I always thought it was a subconscious backlash thing for being former slaves who took over land. I mean today the world would be behind them and praising such an accomplishment, centuries ago though it was a different story. I personally think that cold shoulder attitude they got in the past just became a way of life in the modern world. I mean the Dominican Republic is doing much better than Haiti and their neighbors, how else can you explain such a day and night scenario?

 It looks as if Pat Robertson seems to have misplaced the history of Haiti during the comment on his show. Let him tell it there was slave & master harmony in Haiti between the then slaves and the French.  Haiti is this hemispheres first independent nation in latin America, the first slaves to revolt against their masters and they won their freedom and land. None of that came up in his comment as a good thing at all. This isn’t the first time Robertson has made out there statements about major devastating events.  He stated the 9/11 happened because America was cool with allowing abortions to happen. Not to speak ill of the dead but Jerry Farwell blamed 9/11 on homosexuality.

 Neither one of them even brought up Americas jaded past. Not what we as then colonies did to the Native Americans, not slavery or what we did to the Asians in this country from lynching them during the building of railroads to the prison camps during World War Two The reason had to be something more moral related to be of some service to the fight against the causes they stood for. The problem isn’t Robertson at all the more I think of about it, it’s the fact that such closed minded, ill informed and hate filled thoughts are still being pushed in churches and by religious figures  to people today around the world. Some sheep are totally blind hanging on every word from their Shepard with the thought and conviction that it is all truth. Pat Robertson proves time and time again words, ideas and the manipulation of the truth are just as dangerous if not more dangerous than any weapons.


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