Working a Blue Collar job

So CNN stated that 17% of young Americans would consider talking a blue collar labor job and 30% of parents would encourage it. It’s sad that a country shows such hatred to illegal citizens working those same jobs, the point is someone has to do it. It’s statistics like those CNN gave that keeps this country in a weird place when it comes to how people are viewed based on their career choice. Because construction workers to welders and truck drivers are the jobs those who are against raising minimum wage in certain states and having national living wage use as their examples. As we know, those who have or know of people who have those jobs, the argument doesn’t include those types of jobs at all.

What I do find fascinating about the little segment on CNN was how they really didn’t put much effort to proving that those jobs are lucrative or give reason why they have been shunned the last two decades. I remember a female comedian had a joke about a man who had some fucked up shoes and claimed a mans shoes could tell you how much he made. Now the guy she spoke on was a roofer, and her joke was how he was only good when a storm hit. Truth be told roofing is a very good paying job depending on where you live and the company you work. Hell working for the state painting the yellow and white lines on the highways and interstates is good money plus government benefits, I’m not even going to touch how the guys who holds the slow/stop signs are getting over.  

The thing is no one really brings that up for one and two we’ve become an office pen pushing culture. You rarely hear about someone who made it rich starting out busting their ass eight hours Monday through Friday these days. And this makes those farmers and many other outside labor workers in the country areas across this country feel like they get looked at as hicks, rednecks and uneducated. People have some how turned working with your hands into a bad thing that poor people or those who aren’t too intelligent have to do to get money. And the last two decades we have made that come true a bit with the actions taken by almost all parties involved. Public schools stopped teaching a lot of jobs that could get you in the labor force and now they have become shit you’d have to pay to learn. I mean older mechanics and carpenters learned the fundamentals in high school  Most prisoners coming out of jail during the 80’s and 90’s had some kind of certified and gotten a good job just because they could do the job. Even if you dropped out of school and got your GED you could still go somewhere join a program and get certified. You may not end up working with the big boy businesses in your local area, but a church may need help here and there or say a new company moving in the area so you were going to get to use the trade if that was your goal.

Where I’m from we have the shipyard and all the older generation encourages the younger people to go and get a job there because it pays well. They pay you as the train you from what I heard, now I only know of a hand full of people personally who work for the shipyard. It’s not that people would be embarrassed to work there, it’s just the work is so fucking hard. Growing up I saw grown men who work there that looked as bad as ex NFL players and just became turned off no matter how much you’d come away with financially. And if that’s why people are not jumping at high paying labor jobs it’s totally understandable.

That’s not the case though, we’ve just lost track of our countries blue collar work ethic. When is the last time you saw a television show, movie or contestant of a game show who did labor work and didn’t own his or her own business? I mean what got Joe the plumber in the spotlight was the entrepreneur mentality he expressed. Once it came out he wasn’t a plumber and he wasn’t going on his own shit in any capacity at all he really got hammered. We’ve stopped seeing those kinds of people in our media outlet. And what has happened is the views of those jobs are now considered beneath so called average Americans.  So America has completely turned its back on an aspect of employment that really should never die. I mean I can’t remember the last time someone bragged on being a plumber, and trust me they get paid out the ass. Plumbers get paid just come and look at the problem, not fix it just look at it. But there aren’t a gang of people jumping at the job or many other labor jobs.

 Blue collar jobs were once a proud line of work, the back bone of this country. We’re losing that type of work and everyone can’t get office jobs because everyone isn’t qualified. The same for the blue collar jobs but the difference is people will start getting shorted out of their money in a field because the thought is the field is less deserving of the once high paying wage it once came with. A welder today should not be making the same as a welder ten years ago just because it’s a lost art and isn’t popular anymore. It is one reason why many maintenance people who could be making top dollar in what field of maintenance they specialize in are being short changed today. The thought is there are no profitable and beneficial outlets anymore for certain labor jobs leaving people taking a cut somewhere all because of unflattering view of those who work with their hands. I wonder how as a country would have turned if this physical labor shunning existed during the early 1900’s?


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