More than Super Bowl champs


It’s been five years since New Orleans, thanks to the hurricane Katrina, showed us as Americans our ugly side. We woke up to the a view of the “working poor”, we saw just how racist not only politics and people could be but also the media, no one should forget that AP(Associated Press) report with racist spin on the two photos of people trying to get what they could to survive. I still remember the remark by Barbra Bush about wanting the blacks from New Orleans to leave Texas. Those times seem like decades ago so much so that until the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl know one really talked about how long it’s been since the Katrina tragedy.

 Fast forward five years and New Orleans in one weekend showed more hope and progress than the first year of Obama being President. I would love to have that sentence be some smart ass jab but it’s not. New Orleans had a  vote for mayor of the cityFeb. 6th with Mitch Landrieu winning.  He also got a large number of Black voters on his side as well. Second place candidate Troy Henry, who had 13% of the votes stood on the podium alongside Landrieu showing unity and goodwill that night. That gesture spoke volumes for a city still trying to return to what it once was and still understand it has to move in a new direction as well.

 And of course you’d have to have been living in a cave or at least a country overseas to not know the Saints won the Super Bowl. What makes that great is that Katrina could have played a sad part in the Saints leaving New Orleans. The NFL kept the team there and along with the team totally going the rebuilding route the team was like someone’s fantasy leagues roster. Ok not really but a lot of new faces joined the same year. In that short time they turned the saints around. If they wouldn’t have won it all this year it would have happened next or the year after, the team is really that good and has been for a few years. It was almost like unless you were an AFC or Colts fan, a Manning dick rider or news media you really didn’t go for the Saints. The Saints weren’t the Cinderella team because they had the best offense in the NFL but they had become Americas team. I know you wouldn’t have known that the way everyone talked about how great Payton Manning is, but they spoke on him as an individual and spoke on the Saints as a team.

 I heard a lady say the people of New Orleans didn’t  trash the city and riot turning over cars like so many other cities do when their teams win because their grateful for what they have after Katrina almost destroyed the city. I thought to myself she has a point but she must not have ever been to New Orleans or know people from there. The city will party at the drop of a hat, that’s what they’re known for. And after the weekend they had the Super Bowl win was just part of the parade, I know that’s what it was supposed to be for but it was a symbol for so much more. That’s why it was only right that news media covered Monday night so different than other Super Bowl parades, because New Orleans embodies all the hope and change that our President promised.


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