The fight for Broadband

I been hearing about how rural area across the country are supposed to be getting an upgrade in their internet service, many states have been given money to provide broadband internet to those in the rural areas. Now Missouri has opted not to do so saying it’s not that big of a concern. People in the country have it bad because the dial up gets dropped so much out there, shit once you start traveling out towards the country your cell phone stops working too. It’s just not a well thought out decision to NOT give broadband to those areas.

 Another fight that is now emerging is the fight to somehow give broadband to those in the hood. A politician from Pennsylvania stated people in the inner city can’t afford the price for internet and the need to have it is now an essential thing. He is right to not have internet now is to not have access to basic functions. I mean schools have been telling kids go home and look this and that up for years, and everyone can’t get to the library to do that. Shit some inner city libraries don’t even have computers for whatever reason. So those kids have been and will continue to be left out in the Stone Age.  

 The biggest opposition of such bold new moves is of course the companies that distribute internet service. They feel it will cost too much to go out to rural areas and have broadband set up there and they’re not too interested in trying to find a cheaper alternative for those in the hood either. So now you have internet providers facing off with government to keep things the same. I get it when it comes to the hood and how there are some people in the hood who can afford it and do have DLS or cable internet right now. So what will those people do when they find out that their neighbors are getting free to economically helpful internet? They’ll switch to that shit. The company will now take a lost in those homes that had already had service before hand because they live in the areas where that new service is given. As for the rural areas, that’s just blind ignorance that somehow people there don’t need broadband. Much of this comes because some cities were giving dial up away for free as long as you had your land line phone service on. So all the local and national companies lost out big on that front and that same lost looks like it might be in the works again with broadband. I do think at some point getting internet service will be dirt cheap like the average land line phone service because it is the new necessity

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