Spain is banning certain commercials

Spain is restricting some Ads to be showed after 10pm due to the influence to may have on children and teens. Ads include slimming pills and anything to do with altering physical beauty such as tummy tuck surgery and cosmetic surgery are now playing after 10pm. The push to do this comes from the fact Spain is dealing with young females willing to starve themselves to be slim and the feeling is that the ads help push the image of what beauty is. I agree those ads to give the vibe that not looking a certain way weight wise or certain facial features is unacceptable as being considered beautiful.

 Here in America our ads are so out there that the people in them totally come off as poor insecure people surrounded by shallow individuals. I remember a weight loss ad where a lady said once she lost weight her son started inviting her to activities her grandchild was a part of… WOW. One ad where a lady got a nose job, which didn’t make that big of a difference when seeing the before and after, which is Spain’s whole point about the ideal of beauty, said now her husband can’t keep his hands off her. And the ads I really love are those late night hair lost infomercials with men claiming without a full head of hair they can’t get good jobs, be taken seriously, and get the ladies. Really? Then why not just shave it all off? Plus I’m pretty sure everyone knows someone going bald who has a good job that is highly respected and has no lady problems. The issue I’ve always noticed about the ads is the people always focused on what other people deem as beauty. It’s like they’re surrounded by shallow people in those ads that in turn make the decision to do what it is they have done to their bodies.

 Back to Spain though, Spain has been doing this kind of thing for years. Stores in Spain can’t place those stick figure models in store fronts and the toothpick models don’t get to walk the runways at fashion shows either. It’s nice to see a country trying to let girls be happy with who they are physically, so if they do feel they should look a certain way it isn’t from ads. Now how does Spain deal with say television shows? Because all across the world females have become thinner in movies and TV shows so the message is still there. The thing about movies and shows is that they don’t SAY be like these females out right, with that medium it’s more of a follow the leader thing. Still it’s good to see such a stand taken against a more in your face message of self hate that those type of ads being banned push out.


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