Tiger Woods gets my respect

tiger woods

I saw the Tiger Woods speech on CNN Friday and just came away with so much respect for the guy. First off he unlike ANYONE before him said the realest statement EVER. He felt he should have tasted the temptations that come along with being a celebrity. I think that statement is as real as it gets. I mean everyone says and had being saying that since all the stars started really getting caught out there. The fact he stayed in the cut out of the  eye of the media for two months is just gentlemen like. Again Tiger is one of the few celebrities that rarely was in any tabloid stuff at all before this, and he handled being caught with the same manner.

It’s sad that he had to ask to have his family be left alone. It wasn’t however sad to see him alone without his wife, again respect for him and his wife for keeping it real. So many times the wife looks like a dumb chick or some gold digger who knows where her bread and butter lie. This looked more sincere then anything ever witnessed by me and I can go out on a limb and say all the viewing public. Tiger never tried to down play his cheating too much where his speech would just come off as him being the victim. The whole therapy thing of course for marriage purposes, it may not work. It’s sad so many companies dropped him, he unlike too many names to list and even think of who are more deserving of the drops than Tiger. The PGA had no real choice but to stick with him they even came up with a channel to really do nothing more than show the man more than on some Sunday NBC four to six hour block of time. Plus Golf has become really popular since Tiger turned pro. I do hope Tiger will continue to be humble and stay private not just with this issue but as he has been with his life in general

yeah I used the same pic for some the other one wouldn’t fit.


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