Not quite must see TV

So today we will hear about how both parties sat down and tried to figure out some neutral ground for health care. I said hear about because most people will be working during the televised discussion and to be honest who is willing to just sit there and watch that whole meeting for six hours? I have to say C-Span really might be one of the easiest places to work when it comes to camera work. Most of the time there are no cut ways or close ups, so who ever is working the camera could easily be doing something else bit more productive. I know I just degraded some ones job while putting my work ethics up for debate, but really… I’ve gotten bored just watching the people in the morning news read and call in show on C-Span too many times before work, sorry.

One thing a lot of analyst are saying is how this may be too little too late, the President should have had this sit down last year. Those people have a point but in the defense of Obama no one really thought the Republicans would get their Nancy Reagan on (referring to the “just say no” anti-drug campaign she started in the early to mid eighties for those not aware). I mean do they wear those lame green tees under their buttons ups or what? Yes Obama spent all of last year trying to get this bill passed and I hope he doesn’t do the same this year to be honest.

What makes this a total waste of time to a degree as noted by the news media and both parties is the fact that the Democrats are willing to move forward even without the votes from the Republicans. So why have this meeting at all then? Both sides want to make their case to the country they have a good plan and the other side isn’t willing to play team ball so to speak. Democrats say the Republicans are the NO party and Republicans claim they aren’t really part of the bill making process they’ve been asked to be nothing more than a number of votes needed to pass a bill. I’m sure both sides will spend more time trying to play to those views then really work something out.

For the Republicans part I see some of what they mean, why not focus and reduce the cost of the Americans who already have health insurance? Focus on cutting their pay down and then work on getting healthy most likely middle class people some insurance. That sounds good but the problem in the first part is what will be deemed as affordable? With our economy as it is and people struggling to pay for coverage they have now, what company is willing risk such a lost? And it will be a lost because if you cut back by average wages and employment right now there will be losses. And what will happen is things will have to for now, speaking if the Republicans version passed, will have to remain the same to insure the whole healthcare field doesn’t collapse. So when, if we do get things back on track the issue will be nothing will change because the average American can now afford what they were paying in the beginning. Meaning nothing really was changed. The second about getting healthy Americans and trying to encourage Americans to take care of themselves is cool in a one dimensional world. The fact people start and seem to stop with weight being a major healthcare debate issue still is funny to me. If someone gets in a car accident, given how the winter has really brought the goods this year, and now has a life long issue, that is an insurance issue. Pills, doctor visits, possible test and treatment periodically have to all be taken into account. Ones diet has nothing to do with that at all. And then there is Cancer, all these new strains of flu popping up, and just all that comes with aging. For the news networks part people like that are who they have had their stories focus on more than some overweight person with high sugar levels and blood pressure. And maybe the Republicans need to do the same when coming up with their version.

The Democrats are just really trying to come off noble really. Making health care mandatory sounds good and is needed because in the future that generation would view universal health care as normal as today’s teens and young children view the internet and cell phones. The flaw with their plan of course is costs but also perception of government control. People are viewing this the way they do welfare really. Then there is the fact that those who aren’t healthy and haven’t been in awhile will put a strain on the economy. It’s like when those urban areas get the Red Cross parking lot free check up and test thing happening and they tell people they may need to see a doctor. The conversation then switches from being told to see a doctor to if the person could afford to see a doctor they wouldn’t be in a line in a parking lot on any given weekend for a free check up. So what has the Democrats done to address that issue which is going to happen?

Both parties are really missing a bigger picture too in this debate over healthcare. Republicans claim Americans don’t like this bill and then will state people don’t understand it. Democrats aren’t really breaking it down completely to help sell the bill at all. And the Democrats aren’t really aren’t listening to the Americans because there are parts of the bill the Americans do like. So why not take those parts to the Republicans and try to build around that? I mean that will totally kill the Americans do not like the bill talk and put the pressure on both sides not just the Republicans to work together. This one party versus the other political game is a direct affect on people lives.


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