Identity Crisis

In America no matter how patriotic you are you still will labeled by ethnic backgrounds first. It’s something I thought most people only experience here in the U.S.  Job and college applications ask as well as just filling out cash back receipt what your race is. But one thing is clear we know, understand and other than our nine year old Islamic backlash we accept our diverse ethnic and religious make up. As of late other countries are finding themselves trying to control the shape nationalism and an ethnic polarization of their country.

 I know a few years back Iceland totally stopped allowing African to migrate there because it was tampering with the traditional genetic make up of the country. Even going as far to say tourism was down at one point because visitors saw more black faces as residents of the country. During this whole Haiti earthquake thing the Dominican Republic has seen an increase in Haitians residents. Their country too fears that they’re in danger of losing some grip on what it is too be from Dominican Republic if such increase if Haitians continue. Not sure how that could be because a country can change with new people migrating but history remains the same. A country will still be known for what it is known for even with new faces that have different colors.

 Japan has an even crazier case, their fighting to keep the Vietnamesse residents who live there from being part of the democratic process. Yes if you’re Vietnamese you aren’t allow to vote or really have any political say so in Japan. Even if you’ve were born and raised in Japan you’re still labeled an outsider, so much so that you still have to register by law as a non citizen. It’s funny because in the U.S. to be born and raised here makes you a citizen even if your parents are legal citizens. And the UK seems to be similar and I thought France was the same until the political race there took place.

 France has asked it citizens what is it to be French? The whole debate in the beginning was viewed as a political ploy. It however quickly turned into a heated debate with what one would call ideal French people (whites) now challenging all those who don’t look like them. Me myself I know three French people personally, two females and a male, none of which are white but proudly claim to be French just the same. And there lies a deeper problem, those who are born in France and aren’t white are now being viewed less than French. In a news story a French man of Middle Eastern descent said he his parents were born in France as he was and he felt he was just as French as those with white skin. Again what was once taken as some sort of joke has now somehow brought up feeling that have been buried for decades. Some said that the question alone was more of an attack of those who are of the Islamic faith but has quickly turned into something deeper.

 And then there is a place that one would think is the last place you’d hear such separation of race and national ethnic make up…. Israel. Yes the Israeli government will be kicking non Jewish immigrants children out of their schools leaving them with no where to get an education.  These are children born in Israel who parents migrated to find peace and work from other countries. One lady spoke about how her child was Jewish. Her daughter reads the Torah, speaks Yiddish and reads in Hebrew and celebrates all the same holidays that everyone else in the country does. She wondered like many others why did the government just cancel a group of people out schools because their parents aren’t Jewish? Well a spokesman for such a move gave a half-hearted excuse. He talked about how Israel was formed to be a safe haven and home for Jews all across the world who had become persecuted elsewhere.  He gave the holocaust as an example and a few things that happened here in America as well. During his reason on why they weren’t going to be treating the non Jewish children equally as the Jewish ones he side stepped the fact these children were born in Israel as well as the fact some of those non Jews migrated to Israel for some of the same reasons as the Jewish people did. It’s sad that a people who truly, like blacks know about such separate and unequal treatments are willing to dish out that kind of treatment themselves. It’s wild because the parents who were interviewed only mentioned how their children have embraced the Jewish culture. I took it as a sign of gratitude for being allowed to live there that they allowed their children to be Jewish even if they, the parents, were nothing more migrate working residents.

 I understand the ethnic make up a country is important for historic and self image but so is the acceptance of how diverse your country has become.  This world is becoming smaller and smaller everyday thanks to the internet, jobs, entertainment and the chance of a better life, why let small minded thoughts such as race keep what little gaps are left open?


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