Never having to say sorry

So Mit Ronmey has a book aim at howpresident Obama  is being too apologetic to the world . Now of course the book focuses on more than that and is really a nice layout of his stand on political issues. But what I’m not understanding why republicans are so against Obama apologizing to the world for all the wrong shit we’ve done. I, like most people, was taught it takes a stronger person to admit when they’re wrong. And in a time where we blame such dislike of America on the last administrations somewhat bullish tactics you would think some apologies are necessary. Does apologizing really seem that weak? Is that why as a country we haven’t truly apologized to the Native Americans, blacks and any of the people of color around the world we fought? I mean even the shooting of innocent farmers near roads in Iraq are never really given apologies, more of reasonable excuse as to how there was some confusion. Trust me I’m all for going at Obama for the bailouts, lack of jobs and the long delay on health care but apologizing is just not something I can jump on him about. Maybe those against it have never been sincere when they’ve said sorry for something so all apologies are thought to be bullshit


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