Who is to blame for child obesity?

So there may be a tax on sugar to curb people from buying soda in Kansas coming soon. Now the thought was simple enough, tax soda like cigarettes to cut the sales down, but the tax also is supposed to go the city budget as well. So first the obvious, that sounds like a counter productive idea. Add taxes to buying soda to cut the purchase of soda while needing the tax money for your city’s budget. It makes no sense at all to bring that idea up at all to be honest.

 Now the bigger issue is child obesity. Say children stop buying soda and there aren’t vending machines in schools these days either. How does that stop kids from drinking Kool – Aid, or buying soda when they are back at home? How about just buying donuts or candy or whatever else that is sweet. Is the problem really school lunches and soda or is it deeper than that? I remember being in school my lunches included greens, mash potato, pork chop and a roll that can with a thick ass slab of butter. Trust me I never saw a salad bar even in high school. Matter of fact I was a pizza dude in high school, I mean I stayed in the pizza line. Still with that said I never saw more than three overweight students in my class room ever from first grade through high school. I saw more big dudes in one place when I wrestled for my high school and their weight was a necessity. So is the problem the lunches or lack of physical activities in school? I remember having recess as a child and just running around the playground as well as having to do some stretches around thirty minutes after lunch. That all seems to have just stopped happening at some point for young students in America.

 Then there is the home life that has also changed. I remember being outside a lot if I wasn’t on punishment. We’d played street football to basketball, we did ghetto gymnastics, raced against one another and wrestled. I was very active as a kid like so many of my friends and those in my area. Nowadays I go by parks and don’t see any kids at all. I mean as a child we would have killed for a park, we played in large grassy areas in the hood. The only kids I ever see running around aren’t over six years of age. One reason Nintendo Wii got such praise was because it was all about being physical. So the suburban parents took to it fast while those in the inner city strange as it sounds didn’t. I say strange because the Wii is the cheaper of the game console world and in the hood you’ll find a Paystation 3 or XBOX 360. A few years back there were these treadmills for children, it was tagged as something to help kids gets get fit. As much as I thought and still think that’s part of the problem with children not having good social skills it does feed into something all American parents deal with… Fear of letting their children play outside. Some parents fear child abduction, some fear children being victims of pointless violence and then there is just the pure over parenting lifestyle.

 Stopping a child’s sugar consumption at school and changing the lunch isn’t going to do much if again they still don’t eat healthy at home and or are active. So then where does it stop? Because if children continue to become obese due to what they do at home when will it become the parents fault? If you ask me that is what it all will start boiling down to, how one parents their children. Here is my advice, find a way to have your child be active. I think being outside is better than playing the Wii all day with most likely friends your parents have made for you via play dates. Let your children run somewhere, the running in place burns calories but doesn’t really do much else.


One thought on “Who is to blame for child obesity?

  1. You are so right, I think parents keeping their kids indoors is a major part of the problem. But if parents want to plead that they have fears for the safety of children in the park, I’d like to suggest that they go to the park WITH their kids, get fit themselves, play ball, run, set an example.

    The son I have still at home is 14 and we live in quite a deprived inner-city area (in Manchester UK). Obviously my son doesn’t want me hanging around with him – but I don’t want him out on the street, OR stuck in front of the Xbox every night. My solution was to send him to Army Cadets (two nights a week) and to encourage him to go swimming and to take part in school plays (rehearsing after school etc). He has made lots of friends, got extra exercise and learned new skills.

    The issue of sugary drinks doesn’t arise much in my house, as I brought my son up to like drinking WATER.

    I sound like such an upstanding citizen here, it is a shame that you can get to my blog – where my image isn’t quite as glowing. 😉

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