Health Care passed so now what?

So Sunday night the bill was passed for health care reform. Now the Republicans as well as thirteen states are looking to appeal the bill. I’m not sure why would a party or a state go to such extremes over something that seems to be good for the people? The Republicans can easily fall into the same hole as Gore in 2000, meaning at some point people will get tired of the fight against the bill. And with some parts of the bill taking effect immediately all the Democrats have to do is wait for some local feel good story thanks to the new bill to go national. That is really all it will take to make this bill a real problem solver on some fronts.

 That will throw a monkey wrench in the “not listening to the American people” stuff the Republicans are holding on to. The American people aren’t against some kind of reform it’s the government involvement that people aren’t cool with. But there are other things that this bill has going for it that even those naysayers will not dismiss. I mean it will now be mandatory to have health care provided by your job, you will no longer be denied if you have pre-existing illnesses and it’s supposed to be a bit more affordable for those with low wage jobs. How can you be against that? Plus I’ve heard over the weekend from a few of the talking heads on the news networks say something that would have helped put this in a different light if it was brought up last year and that is it’s mandatory to have car insurance in this country. That makes a good argument, it’s the law to have car insurance but not health insurance? I still find it sad that this bill is considered such an ambitious step. If the bill had been made decades ago yes we’d still be fussing about it but from the angle of what needs to be taken out, put back in or altered. So it’s less ambitious and more like it’s about time thing at this point. Someone on CNN spoke about how this is just the beginning because there are things that aren’t perfect and are very complex things in this bill that will have to addressed at a later date.

 If any group should be a bit thrown by this is corporate America because employers do all they can to not pay money to their employees. This bill again makes it mandatory that all employees have health insurance or that employer gets fined a nice chunk of cash per employee. Now it gets worst because say the employee doesn’t like the company plan, they can then find a deal offered by the government. What happens then is the company gets fined for that situation. I take it that that’s where the company would need to insure that whoever they’re dealing with is good enough for the workers and not just the suits. So now there are too many factors that could cause a company to find themselves looking for a different provider which like Obama said well make competition and give more options to people one way or the other.


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