Corinne Bailey Rae


I remember the first time I heard of Corinne Bailey Rae, it was a late Saturday night/Sunday morning. There was this show that showcased artists that were getting a nice buzz and she was one of the artists they talked to. They played the “Put Your Records On” video and all I kept thinking was she looked a bit like the lady who played Lilith on Frasier. The song was easy breezy and the video matched it perfectly. All this is before Just Like A Star became such a hit. So from that point I was on the lookout for her CD.

 So the CD starts out great marketing wise and just setting a tone for the rest of the CD with “Just Like A Start”. I have to be honest I’m one of those people who loves things be it shows, music, food or whatever until it gets over exposed. And this single was just that, totally over exposed. It is a good song though, one of the better songs on the CD. “Enchantment” is a sleek balled that has just enough “something?” to not be totally forgotten when the songs done. It sounds a bit dated like some mid 90’s tune or at the least something that should be the back drop to a film school flick. And the way she gets her Erykah Badu on close to the end is kind of ill. I really remember that more than anything of the song. “Put Your Records On” which is what got me hooked on her sound still has me completely hooked. It just reminds you of growing up during spring break and the summer in hood or out in the country. The picture she paints with the lyrics makes me flash back to hanging cloths outside with my mom and wanting to hurry up just to play with the other kids outside.

 After ‘Put Your records On” ends I swear the best song on the whole album comes on. I swear if you hear “Till It Happens To You” and not like it you might have to get your head checked out. I mean the first verse sets the whole song in motion, it’s like you’re walking into some argument between lovers. The slowness of the song brings a kind of soul that is different than anything else on the album. One of the songs I will admit I’m not a big fan of it “Trouble Sleeping”. I saw the video and that didn’t help me out at all with this one. It’s not that it’s bad it just doesn’t move me. It seems like after “Till It Happens To You” the next two songs are just fillers. Things picks up once “Choux Pastry Heart” comes on. I like this song and have to be honest the verses before the bridge before chorus comes in has the same melody as the verses on “Till It Happens To You”. Two completely different songs all together and I really do like the vibe the song gives off. One thing I love of Corinne Bailey Rae is her unique voice and how she has seemed to record songs that are suited for her voice. With that said “Breathless” is a true throwback to the female R&B love songs of 89’ through 91’ most noticeable Mariah Carey “Vision Of Love”. I mean you can hear the inspiration of that song throughout the “Breathless” even in the end where Carey did the high note thing Rae chooses to go a different route but you hear the similarity. As much as I hate saying this the next song is ok and not worth me speaking of, so we go to “Butterfly”. On Butterfly we find Rae doing her thing with some very heartfelt lyrics. The song is sweet and deep without going to deep if that doesn’t make sense sorry you’ll have to hear it to get it. Oddly the album ends off with “Seasons”. Odd only because “Butterfly” comes before it and really there seems to be a spring type theme throughout the album itself. I love the modern jazz feel this song has to it. I could hear this on some jazz show rocking hard.

 Corinne Bailey Rae could easily become a novelty act here in the states as so many other overseas acts do that don’t really reach out to the hottest producers we have here or run with the more current sound of music. But from I’ve heard on this album she’ll be around whether America rocks another single or not. Like I said I’m feeling the voice because it’s not what you hear from so many other ladies these days kind of like hearing Macy Gray. It feels good to hear a testimonial of love and all it brings good and bad and that’s what this debut self titled album really is. As Red Foxx would say lets toast to love and a career that should be a great one.


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