Can’t pay your mortgage and still keep you house???

Let’s go back to when Obama spoke and truly made a name for himself in 2004 presidential race. Remember the best part of his speech like his actual campaign in 08’ was build on the belief there isn’t two Americas? Whether it was red or blue, rich or poor and race issues we are all equally Americans. Now of course it sounds good and we all know that it was far from the truth of the world we live in but we fed into it a bit. But last week Obama has truly taken the divide and really made the gap widen with this new assistance to home owners.

So while everyone is bugging about health care and how it will be this government takeover no one has yet to really knocked at the unfairness of this new plan for home owners. So as you may have or have not heard unemployed home owners will have the government help them out for six months so they won’t end up out of a home and the banks and real estate industry won’t be hurt any more than they already are. Now part of me, a very small part of me I might add, sees the angle of this all even though I most definitely disagree with it. I mean first of all this plans defies all logic that we as people on this planet have been taught forever. If you can’t pay for it you can’t have it. I mean don’t pay those car notes because you’re unemployed someone will come get that car. Those rent to own place will be at your door when you miss just one payment and take back the TV, computer, washer and dryer and even the bed… Yeah they will take the bed back and hopefully donate the damn thing to some organization because to issue it out to someone else is just nasty as hell. Anyway back to my point about how this does separate people and the lives they have. I mean if you live in an apartment and didn’t make the rent your stuff will be out on the curb, where is the helping hand for them? Then comes the point that we know certain people “qualify” for this kind of help, something’s tells me the home owners in the back roads by the hood aren’t part of this plan.

The piece of this that gets even crazier is the government lost more of the logic of the world of debt and how interest works. If you owe and pay late or don’t pay at all the interest does come into play and makes the initial payment higher. It’s how the game goes and that makes the payments higher than the house actually cost. Again let’s go back into the real world and look at quick cash loan spots as an example. I borrow $100 dollars and have to pay $110 back in two weeks and miss that and get hit in the head with interest when you do pay. So that $110 is now $206.13 in like five days thanks to 17% late fee for each day. That’s the way things go, so if these people are unemployed and haven’t paid a thing for months they will owe more than what the house actually cost. How did “college educated” people lose that logic of business?

Again, the government has definitely made it evident there are two Americas the more important people to the bigger picture are getting some help. The bigger issue is that we all know that in six months some people will still need help because things don’t look like they will get better anytime soon. So then what will the government do set up another plan to help those home owners out again? So while the government has chose to keep some people from being homeless others are becoming that every month. I know we just can’t help everyone out but there are people who need help more than those home owners. Can the government help those people out as well?


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