You can lose your internet service for downloading illegally in the UK

So the UK is working to make being caught, oh no suspected, of downloading illegallya reason to lose your internet service. That sounds so extreme on one hand and tame on the other and still doesn’t really answer the biggest problems of not just music but anything online. I say extreme because the target is teens and unless the teen has been given the responsibly to pay for the internet bill since they’re the only ones using that service the whole house will be effected by such a law. To think because your child chose to download a song illegally your internet service will be lost and with that comes some sort of file to keep you from just hooking up with another company. I mean so far the disconnection aspect is just being talked about not how the house hold will be affected. Nothing about billing and any further lawsuits along with that disconnection. I say tame because here in America people get sued for millions of dollars. I still can’t see how sharing or downloading the one new hot single could really amount to millions of dollars?

 And that brings up the point of why are we still having these talks and laws being thrown around in the world. It’s like when people found out how much it costs to make a CD for an artist and how paying almost twenty bucks seem to be too much. Now record label are uploading mp3s. Mp3s!!! Anyone with some sort of music player has uploaded music. So you’re saying downloading a song illegally that takes no more than five minutes from just about anyone anywhere for little to no price to do so can cost millions of dollars or your internet connection? It’s one thing when this file sharing thing first happened and labels weren’t in on the process, but now they are and everyone knows how cheap it really is to upload anything because average people do it everyday. So shouldn’t the downloads themselves be getting cheaper with this kind of common knowledge? I mean when you pay more money on iTunes what are you paying for the new layout? Say I start some music download site and charge five cents per song it’s still really too much. Labels are the problem here, they are still trying to play by the old rules in a game that has totally leveled the playing field between music distribution with a label and the guy down the block.


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