Arizonia takes racial profiling to new heights

So Arizonian has passed a bill that allows the police (local and state) to stop people who are suspected of being illegal immigrants. Now I’m all for doing what you have to do to get illegal citizens out of here but this is a bit extreme. I mean first off the target is of course aimed at Mexicans so you racial profiling is without a question coming into play. Plus is become racist because are those cops going to look for say Russians, French, British or Canadian illegal citizens? Here is something I would like to know what would the look of a person’s image have to be to constitute them as being illegal? I mean the skin tone, the accent, the music they listen to or the clothes they wear? I mean will it be as “random” as those airport searches? This opens a door to that by all means will be have to be opened to even try to address the issue of illegal citizens, but right now can we afford to open that door? Arizonian has a large Mexican population and it won’t be long before the situation gets viewed in a bad light and whoever goes out their way will be viewed as a racist.


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