Jazzy Jeff kicked out of the Power & Lights Discrict


So I’m really late on this piece of news, so late the only way I even got the scoop was thanks to this post at thismayconcernyou.com Now I did hear Skillz say he and Jazzy Jeff were kicked out Kansas for playing Hip Hop in the 09 wrap up. I just figured it was Kansas the state somewhere in Wichita or some shit. I didn’t even think of a club around KU to be honest about it. Once I found out it was the Power & Light District it all made sense.

 One thing that was thrown out there once P&L opened up was there wasn’t going to be ANY Hip Hop. It was kind of like if the high prices and the cowboy and cowgirl silhouette didn’t push the young black  potential patrons away the lack of Hip Hop would. With that kind of knowledge going in did the people have who book him not think, what did they think a Hip Hop DJ would play? What is even crazier is I never heard Jazzy Jeff was coming or came to Kansas City at all. I never really heard about what happens either so I found myself pissed even more after reading the post that I found while trying find something dealing with Hip Hop in the city.

 That really is the problem out here, there is no outlet for real Hip Hop. Yeah I used the word real because the stuff I do here out here isn’t really on the same level of having a DJ Jazzy Jeff out here.  I saw some video clip of DJ Premier getting some lifetime achievement award from Alchemist and Primo said he had just done a gig in Kansas City. Now I really wondered when that shit happened because I look in The Pitch every week and maybe three nights have Hip Hop events. What makes that worst is it’s mostly in the Kansas side by KU not really in the city at all. How cool would it be to have Real Hip Hop in the city again by real I mean that Boom Bap shit? The lack of Hip Hop out here could be a reason why Skillz summed up the area as Kansas. I mean other than Bay Area MCs and a few Houston dudes Kansas City isn’t on the level of Detroit, Chicago or even St. Louis when it comes to Hip Hop. That makes no sense because Hip Hop artists are everywhere out here so how can the music continue to be overlooked on such a large scale. Again once I dug deeper only a small few Hip Hop heads I know who  knew about Jazzy Jeff being in the city. Something is totally wrong with that comment, because a legend like Jazzy Jeff going anywhere near the city you live in should be known about. Maybe at some point, I’m hoping soon, Kansas City will stop fronting on what was once the second top selling genre of music behind country of course and give it a true area to shine in. I’ve been for five years and I’m still waiting for that one thing really.


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