Pushing handbags in stroller…WTF?

I’ve been seeing this for awhile and I have come to the end of my rope with this stupid shit. That shit you ask… Ladies pushing their purses in strollers. Yeah I’ve seen ladies carry groceries and even little dogs (I’m not a fan of that stupid shit either, if you can’t walk your dog leave the little fucker at home.) but this purse thing is the dumbest thing of all time. Are these ladies telling us that carrying their purse on their shoulders or in their hands have become so much work that going through the process of opening and closing a stroller to put the purse in as well as pushing the damn thing is easier? Well you can say it is but from what I’ve been seeing it really isn’t at all. I saw a lady over the weekend doing this stupid shit and somehow the front wheels of the stroller got stuck in a crack in the street and her shit fell on the wet ground. All her make up, tampons and other shit hit the ground. Now traffic is going around her while she and her friend are picking this shit up. What kills me she has her friend who had folded the stroller carry it across the street just unfold and try the purse pushing shit again. I’m sorry that’s just way to much work in my opinion. Like I said I know some ladies can try to justify the whole thing but I’m not buying it at all. Ladies if carrying your handbag has become that much of a burden where you need to add a device that takes up more space than the bag and adds an extra thing to your walks called pushing, as opposed to just walking with the damn bag in your hand or on your shoulder, you may want to just skip walks and drive.


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