Tea Party in Independence Mo

So the Tea Party movement came to Kansas City this past weekend, and I can’t lie I would have wanted to go see what the hype is all about. Of course as much as the people who are the designated spokesmen for the movement on any given show would tell you “it’s not a racist group”. I get that without having black members getting interviewed to prove the point. But like any origination of angry people made up of one race racist comments will be thrown out there. If the movement doesn’t police itself then the thought of being racist is natural. I do know there have been major changes within the party so much so that people who went to the first few meetings have taken notice of them. I do admire the movement and wish the Democratic Party had such a movement or just a group of people not so conservative get organized and make such an impact as the Tea Party has, at least then it would be some balance by the people for the people.

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