50 Cent coming to the city


OMG, 50 Cent is coming to Midland. I heard that there is a Midland in Kansas as well so for the sake of argument I’ll take it that that show will be downtown. Now it’s 50, Lloyd Banks, Monica and Soulja Boy on June 10th. To me 50 has become Diddy with a harder sound and street creds, it’s not really my kind of shit. Then comes the fact his opening acts suck so even if I did want to go to a 50 cent show I’d have to listen to the bullshit before hand.

Does this mean downtown is really opening up to Hip Hop? Not really because Hip Hop has many levels and this is just the more pop friendly level. Yeah 50 go hard but 50 knows he is not the same dude pre- Get Rich Or Die Tryin. So in that sense he’s not Hip Hop like say Little Brother, Redman, KRS, Royce, Blu or Murs. And that is what I haven’t really seen come to the city, I know many artists go to Lawrence KS. Still that’s not a place in P&L, The Sprint Center, Midland or even Uptown on Broadway. Is it cool 50 is here, I guess if you’re a fan sure it is. I just wish there were Hip Hop clubs and Hip Hop shows in the city like there are for other music genres. I know people keep saying Peanuts on Wednesday and Sunday Nights but truthfully that isn’t that cool really. I mean I’ve been there like seven times and other than the DJ and the few artists that show up and the people coming to hangout with them most of the people there would be there if the music was country. That sounds like I’m reaching but not really. Ask anyone who goes to a lot of these Hip Hop nights and they’ll tell you most of the people are just there to be out and be in a safe environment. The music could be almost anything and as long as the people know they don’t have worry about shootouts popping off they’re good. I went to The Hangout on Broadway twice and saw the same dudes huddled up in a corner, a few chicks talking to the bartender and then other people just there not in tune with the music, just getting out for a few drinks. It’s why people aren’t so against the lack of true school Hip Hop or anything a bit harder being played in P&L. In any event it’s good to see some Hip Hop shows come to the downtown area and I hope that opens the door for more shows.


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