GoodLuck Jonathon, No really good luck


My favorite name in the last few months has been GoodLuck Jonathon. He is the new president of Nigeria by way of the death of his predecessor President Umaru Yar’Adua.  President has Yar’Adua had been sick for months and before his death was totally out of the public eye. That caused a lot of concern and rumors as to what happened to President and was he even still alive. Most of that talk came from the fact that President Good Luck Jonathon, then vice President is from South Nigeria. The courts handed control over to GoodLuck Jonathon as then acting Vice President. There is a kind of rotation between North Nigeria which is the majority and Islamic and South Nigeria which are Christian.

North Nigerians who are part of the PDP feel that with Good Luck Jonathan being President now make it only right that when the next election comes around it should be a North Nigerian. Now the people of Nigeria are like many other people around the world, the politics surrounding the political structure means nothing. The people of Nigeria want their needs met and if GoodLuck Jonathon can do that with what time he has left before elections he may be able to run again and possibly become the elected President. The man has had assignation attempts on his life by those in the North before he was sworn in as President. He is the 14th President of Nigeria.


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