Starbucks coffee will soon be available at AMC theatres

So now if movie theatres weren’t getting over with all these 3-D movies by getting extra money from us AMC will now serve Starbucks coffee. It’s bad that to eat and drink at AMC costs more than the damn tickets. I remember watching an episode of King Of Queens where Doug brought home a bucket of popcorn and said something about free refills. I think the next time I go to the movies at AMC I’ll do that. I’ll get there early eat and drink then refill right before my movie starts and might even one more time before I leave. I have to get my moneys worth. The inclusion of Starbucks coffee is supposed to bring in more money. I’m lost on how putting Starbucks will enhance your business? Who has been at the movies and thought they needed some coffee? Is the lack of coffee what the people at AMC think is the reason why people don’t go out to movies theatres or enjoy themselves when they do go out to them? Not the prices and the seats at the smaller theatres. The bars and eateries are cool but not really needed, kinda like a Starbucks.

 This comes because one of the big wigs at AMC once was a big wig at Starbucks. So in the end it’s a merger out of some underline loyalty by Gerry Lopez to Starbucks. Of course it will do well, people buy ice cream at theatres too for some reason. Again theatres now have bars and we all know people who bought a beer because they could. I’d hate to the person who gets that hot cup of expensive coffee spilled in their lap. It’s going to happen every few times I’ve been to the movies someone has had a drink spill in their lap. It matter not to me because I never found myself that big on “Seattle’s best coffee” anyway.


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