Rockfest 2010 in Kansas City


On a rainy Saturday Main Street by Liberty Memorial was closed off because of Rockfest at Liberty Memorial. I’m not mad that happened or that Rockfest was here either. I mean since I been here there has been some gay pride thing held there as well as a reggae festival (still haven’t met one person who went the one I remember seeing two years ago). So if that place can be and is being used as a place to hold massive events in Kansas City does this mean at some point something like The Rock The Bells tour can make a stop here?

 I heard Jazz festivals were held there back in the day which makes sense since Jazz is or was such a big deal out here. One thing I’ve noticed about Kansas City is if it’s not Country type stuff, Classical stuff, Rock or anything Irish it’s not really going to play here that much. It would be nice to have something to do with Jazz or Blues in the city somewhere in The Sprint Center or Liberty Memorial, I’m sure it will bring a large crowd of diverse people. It would be even better to have it happen on 18th and Vine but that area is poorly taken care of that you almost forget it’s a world famous area. There was B.B. King and Buddy Guy back to back at The Midland a couple months back. I’m not sure if that was a planned thing or just a cool coincidence. I’m sure the fact of something negative happening if a Hip Hop event on the scale of Rockfest is what is keeping that kind of event from happening. But at some point you have to try it. Just think about it, if something crazy and negative would have happened last Saturday would that really kill it for the next big Rock event? So why not look to make something happen for Hip Hop, Jazz and Blues?

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