The New look of Terrorists???

In America we are driven by stereotypes and places people in boxes. In the last the year we as Americans have been thrown completely off by all these American terrorists and the dude from Africa. The failed car bomb in Time Square is a perfect example of such labeling. All you’re hearing from the media is how educated the guy was and where he lived as if they really expected to catch the guy in huddled up in some project building in Brooklyn. It’s why the guy and his stepson in the DC and Maryland shootings wouldn’t have gotten caught if it wasn’t for the search in Seattle. A black man had never at that point been known by experts to do stuff like being a serial killer. Back to the Time Square dude when you see the pictures that look like they were swiped off of his Facebook page of the guy you see the guy doesn’t even look like a threat. He is yet another reason why America has to change their view on what the enemy and criminals in general look like.

 Between Jihad Jane and the dudes who went out to the Middle East to get into terrorist boot camp we’re seeing a lot of well to do people becoming terrorists. With that said of course come the many excuses of why that’s the case. Its things like boredom to just wanting to be part of something. Now that we know the failed bombing was planned by the Pakistani Taliban, which when it first made the news it was dismissed. The reason for that from what has been said on the news shows was to not alarm and scare the American public. I’m lost on how one guy going out here with on some lone wolf mission isn’t as scary as or scarier than a group planned mission? What is truly scary is that the face of our new enemy has no distinct look. A suburban housewife, guy with a MBA who lived in Connecticut and a wealthy British educated African are three totally different people with different methods and one goal. That in itself is what’s scary and just as scary is the fact we as Americans haven’t opened our eyes to it yet.


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