Hip Hop events in Kansas City as told by The Pitch issued on 5-20-10

The Pitch puts out a new magazine every Wednesday and I was told if I wanted to know what Hip Hop stuff was going on here that was where I’d find it. I remember when I first got here there a nice bit of hip hop events going on, hell Pete Rock was out here my first month here. I had no idea where that club was at first so I almost missed out on that shit. Well moving on here are the events for Hip Hop this week.

 The RecordBar will have Reach popping off at 10 p.m on Friday Night.

 Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club will have Reggie B. , Reach and Miles Bonny Saturday Night

The Beaumont Club will have some people who by the names i just figured I wouldn’t like So I’ll pass on that show.

 Being honest I would go to all those but I’m not. I may do The Saturday Night thing at Davey’s because I figure that might be the kind of shit I’d ride with more. I’ll let you know how that turned out Sunday

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