Last night at Davey’s Uptown Rambler

I kinda went back and forth on did I want to even go to the show last night really. I mean one good thing was that show was like five blocks from my building so how could I not go as much as I complain shit seems to always be in Kansas and not in Kansas City the metro area? So I went got there at the early part of 10pm. It was like every other show or event that deals with the kind of Hip Hop I love, damn near empty. That really doesn’t bother me like it use to because I’ve been to jazz shows at The Blue Room that were just as empty to be real about it. The thing I’ve said hundred of times still bangs like war drums and popped off last night, the people there are mostly other artists, producers and Djs then there are those who personally know them and the friends of those people. Now I’m not mad that other artists are there, hell that’s the shit you look for in a community for real. They knew of each others songs and they’ve must have connected musically somewhere down the line from the vibe I got last night. It does bother me that other than myself no one who had no connection to anyone there showed up. I’ve been to a few rock, jazz and blues shows here and people just come to hear the music and enjoy the day or night at the venue. They don’t know the artists or are with people who know them, they knew something was going on and wanted to go to it and went. With Hip Hop (that real Hip Hop) that just doesn’t happen or hasn’t at the shows I’ve been to unless you counting The Peanut and you know my thoughts on that shit.

 So I get there and it’s like eight people there and other than two ladies who came in around eleven and really hit the floor and got live the only people truly enjoying themselves was the Djs (Miles Bonny and Joc Max). I mean it was cool listening and watching them go back and forth in the mix. One would cut in on his tables while the other was doing his thing, shit was dope.

 So the first dude went up named Lou Rip and he was accompanied by three other brothers, two joined on a few songs with verses and well as helping out on the hooks and one dude just stood in the back with a gasmask on. A fucking gas mask for like twenty to thirty minutes. The dude only moved during two songs, the rest of the time he was just there. Not sure if small local indie dudes have roadies but if they do dude is one. How does that even become your job? Since he can’t rhyme and he’s not the Dj, hell he may not even know the words to be a hype man and still wants to be stage they gave him a gas mask. Was it like the result of losing a bet, Yes I was distracted the whole set as I tried to figure out the fuck is that guys purpose for being on stage wearing a damn gas mask? Back the music though which was not that ill but was different. I think the group he runs with (The Soul Servers) pride themselves on that different shit as each dude was dressed completely different. The crowd wasn’t completely sold on the set until the sound and vibe kinda went ATLish, I mean like early 2000 ATL too, you know crunk and shit? The crowd was growing by the time too so it also added to it and it started to feel a bit better too.

 Next up was Reach. I been to a few shows he was a part of when I first got to Kansas City he seems like one of the dudes doing big things out here too. So he gets on and literally runs through his set. I mean as soon as one song went off and the beat came in for the next song. There was no I repeat NO crowd interaction at all. If he couldn’t say what was going to say during the eight bars on the intro of the song he wasn’t going to say shit. What was really fucked up was by time Reach got on stage the crowd got bigger half way through his set there were like seven people there. It was me, two couples, a guy by one couple and a dude one the side of me. I went to see what the fuck had happened and everyone was at the bar part of the place chilling.  That shit happened at two shows of his I went to back in 05 too. At one point he was doing his set for the couple and the dude that was right in front of the stage. The song were on point the stage presence was kind of suspect though.

 Miles Bonny was last to what I guess was perform? It seem like something you’d do in the crib with your homies and just fuck around like you’re singing and shit. Then it did hit me these were actual songs that he is singing, not sure what they songs sound like on CD or mp3 but this was cool for what it was. Now maybe it was because it was later or it was because people wanted to see him (Miles Bonny) but the place was packed by time he got on stage to perform. The brother seemed to be just winging it the whole set almost, he’d do a verse here and they switch to the next song. One song he just said “da da da” to a beat. Again maybe because people wanted to see him or at this time the crowd was ready for the show but homie had an ok vibe with the crowd. Nothing planned to set up the next song or some a corny as when “I say blah blah blah you say blah blah blah” shit.

 One thing I noticed is there isn’t a lot risk taken in the performances out here. It’s like every song was a song that you would think would be good to perform. Nothing slow by anyone or just really build with the crowd before, during or after a song. Other than telling what album the songs were off and to get their new shit there really wasn’t a lot anything popping. I would go to another show with those artists in it but not next week, it would have to be a once in awhile thing. It proves that real Hip Hop is here and now  getting people who love it and who aren’t part of whatever circle I walked into last night to come to these event is what is needed. Like I said you’re not going to find too many people that aren’t part of that circle there and that is too bad because that doesn’t expand that kind of Hip Hop at all. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t mind blowing either but those who I guess are regulars had a good time and that’s what matters, their audience enjoyed themselves.

 It was a good show.


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