Why is the military still fighting against gays being themselves?

So the Obama administration is looking to totally kill don’t ask don’t tell completely and the military wants to complete some most likely outdated study first. A study to show people won’t be able to tolerate such a move. In all reality a study that shows those in the military are ignorant and naive about gays serving. I remember when they were talking about this months ago and the guys speaking on behalf of keeping things the way they are were old as hell, and what young guys they did get to interview for some strange reason never been around a gay person (far as they knew) in their lives.

 All this really does fall under generation and residential gaps. These old men who are totally against this must have it in their head that if gays are free to be open they’ll all be like the gay click from OZ, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy or Mario Cantone gay. Even living locations are up for debate as if being gay is something that be passed along in closed areas. Two openly gay sleeping with a baric full of hetero sexual men will cause the whole place to turn gay in 48 hours? I heard a few guys talk about they wouldn’t know what kind of sexual actions would take place if openly gay guys ( because I rarely heard anyone speak to women about gay women) were sharing space with straight men. The way I see maybe those guys who are being interviewed are gay? I mean those kinds of talks sound like some gay porn fantasy dream thing. If anything was going to go on it would go on no matter what, open or not. Then there’s the fact that conventional wisdom tells us that these new recruits should be use to seeing gays in their life. In the last fifteen years as a country whether people like it or not being gay hasn’t been some taboo nasty thing like it once was. So these new people joining the military, again depending on where they grew up, aren’t unfamiliar with being around gay people.

 One thing during this whole debate I did disagree was that if you allowed gays to be open in the military that better qualified people would join. I say that because there was a female who was gay that said something if gays could openly serve the military the bar that has been lowered to recruit almost anyone would once again be raised. She made it sound as if gays could serve openly all gays would jump at the opportunity and or gay people are all highly intelligent. People join if they want to or feel that’s the path to a better life, gays included.  All in all this whole fight about such an issue as gays openly serving is old school like the guys arguing on the side opposed to it. The world has changed so much so that in Russia a gay pride march went down without any incident by the government or citizens. I know it’s not the same in some ways but still it’s a sign times are changing and we as a country should be changing to.


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