Has the National Guard become alterative energy advocates now?

So while watching CNN a commercial came on that struck me odd. The commercial had someone from the National Guard who served in Iraq or something and now is helping with this BP oil spill. The made some comment about how we should be looking for alternative energy so we as a country would be less dependant on oil. I feel that argument completely, but I thought that was kind of shunned about a year ago?

 Now I’m not sure if the ad was really some independent thing or was it a quick republican move or what. I do know some how Obama has been left out to dry a bit since this oil spill happened. Governor Schwarzenegger had pulled away from letting off shore drilling take place in California almost right after the explosion happened. I do remember Obama wanting to find different forms of energy and even told us the American public it would create jobs. I remember the backlash from the right over it all too because of the cost of such moves.  I also remember the “drill baby drill” comment from Palin too, and though it became somewhat of a joke it also became a powerful slogan for some people as well.. It seems sad that the one thing Obama did slide on the side of the Republic with ended up coming back to bite him in the ass. I’m not sure if the ad was attacking Obama but I’m pretty sure since it had such a “call your senator” label at the end that it wasn’t aimed at the Republicans too much. I mean if I’m correct the Republicans, even the senators, have been the ones dodging this kind of talk for at least a decade that I know of. Matter of fact what ever happened to the alternative energy solutions Exxon and BP themselves were putting together?


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