American Idiot The Musical

grenn day cover

The 2004 Grammy award winning American Idiot album by Green Day has been turned into a musical by Director Michael Mayer. The show has three Tony Award nominations including Best Musical. Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong commented about how he could the concept album being a movie or a musical. Green Day also is on the soundtrack as well back by a string section and everything. The soundtrack is slightly different from the album.

 For those that don’t know or don’t remember American Idiot was Green Days’ wake up call to the shit the Bush aministartion had us going through for the at that time four years. The album was really a throwback to the days of protesting through music because the only songs we as the american public were getting dealing with the war were the pro Bush or at the most pro troops songs. From what I’ve heard and read about the musical American Idiot captures each song and does them justice. The musical was (or may still be) on Broadway and there haven’t been any totally negitive reviews from what I’ve seen. I only heard about this because of the Tony Award nominations and then had to really check things out. It’s good to see that such a great band like Green Day can gain a new audience with such a powerful album such American Idiot. Plus they band is going to have their own videogame as well, that’s what’s up.


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