There needs to be more Hip Hop in Kansas City

So I stopped doing the local Hip Hop events thing, one reason I just got tired of posting two shows a week. Shit, World Beat, World Music or whatever it is has more listings than Hip Hop does out here. The lack of real Hip Hop or Hip Hop in general is the third reason I really hate Kansas City, first being the racism and then comes the snobbish attitudes you can find anywhere in the city.

 What’s crazy is I would love to help bring shit to the table but it’s just a hard job really. For one the people here really don’t like true school Hip Hop, proof was the comments left on The Pitch website talking about the Jazzy Jeff incident. A few people felt bad it happened and most just thought the music sucked. Jazzy Jeff has a routine, that routine consist of playing Hip Hop classics that anyone claiming they know LOVE Hip Hop should know.

 Second are the ideas I have thought of I know someone had to have thought of before at some time. Start a TV show interviewing local artist as well as show their videos, start a free magazine publication dedicated to local Hip Hop artist in the city, Open a bar for nothing but Hip Hop, there are strictly Jazz, Country and Blues bars why not have a Hip Hop bar. I mean Hip Hop only bar.

 Again I don’t want to say no one has never thought of it at all. So that brings me to the fact the city itself doesn’t really embrace Hip Hop at all. The Pitch can hold a music review or be part of some music festival and what you’ll find is, if you’re lucky, three Hip Hop acts of out thirty to forty acts on the lineups. Then when it comes to the established artist in the game Hip Hop is still a rare thing, when you do get a nice stream it’s of Hip hop acts who have booked any place to do gig because they have to get that paper like when Bone Thugs N Harmony, Killah Priest and any other has been or underground artists comes through. The fact 50 Cent and Hi Tek and Talib Kweli were scheduled to shows seven days apart might just have been luck of the draw at The Midland.

 I was thinking about looking into getting a bar started somewhere on Main or Broadway in midtown where all the traffic and parking space is. I also wanted to do the television thing too but the problem is someone is always going to feel left out of the loop and that really isn’t what I would want to do at all. Hip Hop here in Kansas City is like Hip Hop anywhere, very diverse. The problem like I’ve said many times before is the artists really don’t check for one another if the music isn’t in the same lane and when they do speak out it focuses on a certain type of sound. Some kind of unification has to be worked on before anything really can be done in my opinion. But a bar devoted to having local Hip Hop artists doing shows would boost the visibility of the culture in the city for sure.  That way Hip Hop acts wouldn’t have to look as if they are fighting for those limited slots for Hip Hop, that’s what it looks like to me when I look in The Pitch. A bar that has open slots seven days a week for all Hip Hop artists no matter the angle they running with it boils down to the artists booking nights.


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